Cant find the button to complete the mission

I completed all the objectives of a level 2 mining mission but I cant find any button to complete or quit the mission in the UI.
Here’s the image for more information:

I’m in the same station the agent is.

Are all the items in your Item Hanger? at that station? Are they in a single stack? (click+drag to combine).

Might be one of the above issues.

Based on his text i bet you lost standings with Hyasyoda, with that particular agent or with Caldari since starting the mission? perhaps by shooting Caldari ships from another mission. Check in Standings tab of show info on the agent.

edit: confirmed, it shows ‘effective standing 0.3’ in your screenshot
you might also have dropped from omega to alpha and lost some social skills ranks applying
I had no idea that this affects turnin as well as obtaining the mission, could be worth verifying with GM ticket if it’s intended functionality

Via Missions - EVE University Wiki

You must meet this requirement [1.00 for L2] for either the agent’s personal standing towards you, their corporation’s standing towards you, or their faction’s standing towards you; any one of the three will suffice. All three standings need to also be above -2.00 to receive missions higher than L1.

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