Can’t complete storyline mission

Trying to complete Data Site Scanning mission, I have the item I need I’m at the correct station and I have tried putting the item in my inventory as well as my cargo hold but when I click on “complete mission” I get a message saying I need to deliver the item to complete. How do I driver it?

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I am guessing your docked in the wrong statuons


As Gahjek suggests, you may be in the wrong station. To complete the career missions, players must report directly to the Career Agent in their station.

Here’s a complete rundown of all the exploration career agent missions:

Which mission is it, and what item do you have exactly?

It will help us figure it out and give specific instructions.

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The mission is Data Site Scanning (3 of 5) Objectives. My current station is the same one listed as the Drop-off Location. I started the mission months ago and haven’t played since, so maybe the lengthy hiatus from the game caused the mission to glitch?

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NM, I figured it out. I have a proof of discovery item but it’s the wrong one. Thanks for all the quick feedback everybody.

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