Can't complete mission in storyline quest

I’m currently attempting to complete the 3rd mission (Data Site Scanning) of the the Exploration Career Path Age. This requires me to aquire 1 x Proof Of Discovery Data.

I have collected this and when I attempt to complete the mission I am told that “Once or more mission objectives have not been completed. For example, you must deliver 1 x Proof of Discovery Data to complete this mission. Please check your mission jornal for further information”.

I have the required item to complete the mission.

Am I missing something??

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Try placing it in the station hangar of the agent who gave the quest.

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Just gave that a try and I get the same message.

I have noticed that when I am on the screen that gives me the option of completing the mission with the agent, the location has a blue tick by it but the item (Proof Of Discovery Data) has an orange circle next to it which would indicate to me that I am certainly missing something.

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Are you at the right station where it says you need to deliver the item to?

Since your pilot is only 2 days old do I suggest you point all help related questions directly at Rookie Chat in the game. We also have a forum section dedicated to new players, too: New Citizens.

Yes I’m at the correct station as there is a blue tick by it when I attempt to compete the mission.

I’ve tried the rookie chat and got absolutely no response at all from anyone.

I’ll try the New Citizens section of the forum as well though.

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There should be one or two ISDs on Rookie Chat most of the times, if not always. Keep trying, just don’t get impatient or start spamming the same question, you know, stay sensible, and you’ll get help eventually.

Go back, scan down another data site, complete the hacking mini-game and collect another proof of discovery. Leave the one you have in your hangar. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to log a ticket and have a GM reset the mission but it shouldn’t be necessary - you can scan these as often as you want - good practice!

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Ok i’ve just looked at that link. I’ve found the cargo containers containing the Proof Of Discovery Data but at no time has it given me the option to hack it open with the Data Analyser. I just get the option to open the container and loot the contents.

I dont know, maybe the mission was changed. Didnt do it for a very long time.

Ok ive just realised that im looking at Anomaly training sites instead of Data training sites. My bad.

I just dont have a clue how to find the Data training sites now.

I suggest you retrace your steps, maybe even take a break and let it all sink in first. You are on an Exploration Career path after all. Finding your way through it should come natural to you and not make you ask question after question. Not feeling lost is kind of at the heart of all exploration. If it does then it might not be a career you want to pursuit at this time.

There are 3 proofs…every site contains one…
Maybe you have the wrong one for the right mission? :slight_smile:

You have to scan it down. Use probe launcher and probes. While is space, launch probes and use scanner window with combination of these probes to find where site can be. Pick one not scanned signature and scan it down to 100%. Then warp to it.

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