The Seven's Brothel cannot complete

The mission seems straight forward and simple. Just fly out to the location and destroy everything. I’ve done that, even destroyed the brothel. Got Kruul’s DNA, etc. The tracker shows me the message to fly back to the agent, (lets me set a course back with the tracker button). I fly back to the system. The button changes to “Dock” and it takes me to the station to dock. Yet the mission agent (Ika Uuhikken) says, “You need to finish your current mission. Don’t talk to me until then.”

This is confusing because when I go into my Opportunities / Agent Missions window, it shows me the mission “The Seven’s Brothel” and it has a green checkmark that says, “Objectives Complete.”

I really don’t know what I’m missing. Any help appreciated!

There’s a button called complete mission. Did you try clicking it?

did you move an item out of your cargo ?

It does not get that far. When I start the conversation with the mission agent in Vattuolen, he says, “…come talk to me when you finish your current mission.” But this is after I destroy the targets at the mission site, and the mission tracker says I need to return to Vattuolen and it gives me a button to set a course there.

I did not.

Can you send images? The mission might have reset b/c it’s been a couple days.

I tried clearing my cache but it is still not working.

@Cauled_Redan recommend getting with support to resolve this, select the Mission in Progress category under Gameplay.

What happens when you click the view mission button at the bottom? Locator agents like these start with a view/request mission button and a locate character button. They don’t automatically give you the mission conversation screen.

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Oh damn, I thought I had checked that! That was the issue all along.


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