Can't Complete Mission: Retribution

I have not been able to complete the last two missions. The first one I abandoned because I could not turn it in.

The next mission I picked up is doing the same thing: it won’t let me turn it in. I have completed all the objectives, the Agent Missions interface says I have completed the mission, but when I dock and speak to the agent, he says I have not completed the mission.

The name of the mission I am trying to complete is:

Agent Annis Codirgnard says to me, "You do know you haven’t finished your current mission for me, right? "

The Mission Details dialog says:
Retribution Objectives Complete
and there is a blue check next to the location were I completed the mission.

I just don’t know what to do. Is there anyone that can help me figure out how to turn this mission in and get the next one?


And you are sure you have no further missions open/active and just meet the wrong agent?

Not sure which faction you are fighting against, but looks like for each one, you have to destroy an outpost. did you destroy the outpost?

and if there is really something that is stopping you from completing a mission, like ninja looter or something along that line, you can actually submit a ticket to reset the mission, if something happens and its out of your control. is your mission bible if you don’t already have it.

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