Mission "Quelling the Insurgency" doesn't work at 4/5

i’m trying the mission “Quelling the Insurgency”. At submission 4/5 you are required to fly the Ashab, Planet II, Moon 1 and meet Mamin Choonka.
I flew there, started conversation and the response is, “I have no jobs for you”. Searching and reading, he is supposed to offer me further missions.
I targeted him, but did not shoot. Besides that, i only made conversation tries.
Any idea what i miss/ did wrong ??


Don’t think I’ve ever done that. If you think it bugged out, hit F12 in game and request a gm reset.

Back in the day…

Sometimes the standings or actions required for access doesn’t register and a simple relog is all that’s needed to get the server and client back in sync.

Obviously you’ve completed the other missions in the series leading up to this one. One possibility is maybe you forgot to accept the mission offer from agent Arizam Gimit. Check your journal and make sure the mission shows as accepted. If not, then you’ll probably have to go back to the agent and accept it before Mamin Choonka will talk to you.

If none of the above works, then click the submit a request button at bottom of page to file a Support Ticket. Type = Game play support > Category = Stuck - Stuck Character.

Fill out all the info and request for the mission to be reset. Usually it’s done within 15 minutes or so of submitting the ticket.

Good luck and welcome to Eve.


Official statement i got, is that COSMOS missions are no longer supportet

What? That’s BS…

It’s an active mission in progress and your character is stuck. I suggest that you politely ask to have your ticket escalated to a Senior GM and then request the mission be reset so you don’t get negative standing hit for failing the mission.

Did you try a relog?

Also sometimes it helps when logged into the game to clear all cache files in Esc menu - Reset settings tab.

This option takes about 20 minutes or longer but you can also try verifying all downloaded files in the launcher - click the gear icon in top right corner of launcher and select ‘Tools / Cache’ in the pop-up box, then select ‘Shared Cache’ listed under the ‘Tools / Cache’ heading and then select ‘Verify’.

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Ah cosmos, I’ve not done one that’s why I didn’t recognize it. I do recall they were either removing them or fixing them. Looks like they are gonna get removed.

I don’t remember anything ever being said about removing Cosmos. Also I highly doubt it since that’s where Storyline modules come from.

A while back CCP did move some of the Caldari Cosmos sites to different locations.

Removing content from the game is not good. If anything CCP should make Cosmos missions repeatable like Epic Arcs, just make them have a longer waiting time.

i’m not sure whether i’m allowed to do that, but thats the text from the mail:

"… Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience.

COSMOS missions are sadly no longer supported, therefore is not possible for me to reset or manipulate the mission in question. I’m really sorry that I cannot provide more direct assistance in this case, and I remain at your disposal should you have any questions. … "

If thats BS, i may fail, because i’m nort a native speaker. If so please explain (No sarkasm intended).
This mission was quoted as “Accepted”. I logged of and in serveral times, before writing the support request and i flew off and back to the site.


Ask for your support ticket to be escalated to a Senior GM.

The mission is active in the game and they can reset it.

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Could be a standings issue. You may have messed up your standings with the agent you needed to speak with. Also if you attempted this before and let the mission expire at this point, you can’t restart it.

If you fail this mission and it looks like you will, you won’t be able to restart it.

If you were trying to raise amarr standings, might I suggest the epic arc for SOE or amarr.

Thanks, i will try that.

At the end of the SOE you can choose which faction to do standings for. And unlike cosmos, arcs can be repeated every 3 months

I highly doubt it’s a standings issue, both Agents are level 1 which makes them available to all.

Anyway, that Agent is chained to another Agent, both Agents offer a mini series of missions and the player must complete the second Agents mini series in order to complete the first Agents mini series.

Some Agents just need to be nudged / reset by CCP. Running the Level 1 SoE Epic Arc takes a long time to complete and won’t do anything to help the OP’s current issue.

Is it possible the mission chain expired? If I recall correctly COSMOS mission chain expiration is timed from the moment the first mission in the chain was accepted and if that is so then maybe it took too long to complete the earlier missions in the chain? Just a guess.

Well, I believe each new mission for those mini series reset’s the timer for 7 days.

CCP did change the timer on large Storyline mission chains like Angel Extravaganza to 30 days which continues counting down from the very first mission.

curious what your definition of “long time” is…

According to the wiki: Do not even talk to the agent unless you are going to run the mission, as soon as you talk to the agent you get a mission offer that expires in seven days
Not even accepting the mission, but just talking to the agent will start the countdown to expire…

Thank you for contacting EVE Online Player Experience. Unfortunately, COSMOS missions are somewhat legacy content and our tools to support them are a bit limited. Thus we are unable to issue any required mission items manually or reset the missions for you.

Most of the missions in the game are legacy content, including the Epic Arcs. Also CCP has the ability to easily spawn items in-game.

What I see is a convenient excuse from a lazy Customer Support Representative.

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You still never explained what you consider a long time. A fresh Alpha starting with 1M SP and moving those skills in the right direction can run it in about 2.5 hours… a Fresh alpha with no skills, about 5-6 days training, then 2:40 hours.