Stuck on training mission Industrialist - Intrepreneur 8/10

Hi, iam new to eve online doing the training mission, got to the point when i need to bring two “1MN Afterburner I” to Latorfani Aldimund lvl 1 at  Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School , I got the modules he doesn’t take them, It seems like some kind of bug, I decided to abort the mission with a hope that I could do a reset to the mission.
now he says : “sorry, kid nothing in the moment Could you come back later ?”
try to jump to other system and other school, restart the game, wait for 4 hours, nothing helps its still stuck on come back later…
there any workaround or fix ?

File a support ticket located at ISD/CCP may have to reset that mission.
Im thinking this task might be one where you have to manufacture an afterburner using a supplied bpc. This may or may not be a civilian brand afterburner.

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