Prison Break Level 5 - 1 of 2 - still broken?

How is it that after nearly ten years this mission is still broken? I have submitted a Bug report but this is ridiculous if it hasn’t been fixed in so long.

@CCP - Can someone please help, I’m literally stuck at the entrance to this mission after having to warp out. the gate is disabled and I can’t get back in.

@CCP_Paragon - Sorry if not the right person.



Maybe @CCP_Convict can help? Or @CCP_Aurora?

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Might also worth trying @Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal

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The chances of them being able to fix a bug this old is pretty low.

CCP should be able to reset the mission so you can access the gate again. I suggest whenever an issue happens that makes your character stuck and can’t continue the mission, submit a Support Ticket and politely request the mission to be reset after explaining what happened.

Don’t some missions get reset during downtime?

Yeah, but then he loses the bonus time reward from the Cosmos mission, it’s better if he sends in a Support Ticket to get the mission reset.

Also if he fails that mission, it might cut him out of accessing other Cosmos Agents.

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It appears as if CCP have removed the 1st part of the mission, making Part II completable as you get the DNA upon accepting the mission.


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