Why is there a "Complete Mission" button?

Just a nit pick, but it seems odd to me that, when I complete a mission, I get back to the agent and they tell me is “You know you haven’t completed your mission, right?”

Except that I have.

So, I click the “Complete Mission” button, and all is well, but why is there a button for it? Is there value in waiting until after the bonus has expired before turning something in? I don’t have to talk to the agent at all, even after docking in the station, so I don’t see why there’s this extra step where I have to say “No, really, I’m done.”

I can see waiting to close a mission until after the wrecks have been salvaged, but again, I don’t have to talk to that agent until I’m ready.


Not entirely sure but as I recall some agents have other functions as well, dunno if same for R&D but I seem to remember locator agents have the locator services option accessible through a similar button even when a mission is active thus if you go back to him/her while you have a mission active (or even complete) you might be there to use the locator service instead. This might or might not be the reason.

Though I agree there is no need for a complete mission button, at least from a player perspective, not sure about programming-wise or maybe there is a policy not to make things so automatic or something and require player interaction for such matters, but as a player I find it pointless too.

Imagine some capsuleer could actually believed it all those years and did not click the “Complete Mission” button. :scream:

I am serious. After today I think everything is possible.


“Complete Mission” button = “Get Rewards” button. You dont want such things as “Rewards” to be auto-completed, dont you?


I mean if it auto-completed that would save me a click, would save a lot of wear and tear on my mouse.

You have to report back to your Agent to complete a mission, i think this is normal.


I see you didn’t even bother to read the OP before replying. :smile:

Yeah, cuz there’s no wireless communication used thousands of years in the future.

While that is also a valid argument the OP is not even about remote completion of missions.

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CCP must really like making people click all the buttons multiple times. This new event for example, the points are not awarded automatically, you have to push “claim” button EVERY TIME YOU COMPLETE A TASK. Previously the points were awarded automatically. WTF. Or maybe its some new bot deterrent? But would bots even have any problems clicking it?

WTH, who thought its a good idea?

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Some people mine roids on a second account in the mission area - they disappear when you complete the mission

Or salvaging the sites…

No, missions can get completed and the site and wrecks/ores remain for quite some time.

It’s just part of the interesting interface, some missions can be completed remotely, form some you need to have the item in cargo or hangar. Complete is like "handing over your possession in return for the reward. Wouldn’t it be weird the agent is browsing through your hangar and ship storages then say “yeah, found it!” ?

PS: corrected some errors. Also, get a RL job as trucker, ask for signing of the delivery papers when you enter their gate. WOn’t work that way, sad, means you’ll have to open your truck… sigh, even in 2018, I know. The only thing “autocompleting” are stowed away people in your tranbsport vehicles.


I might buy that, though I’d expect something like “Are you done, yet?” or “Do you have it?” instead of “Don’t you know you haven’t completed your mission?”

I’m not feeling lazy, but some of the prompts seem incongruous to that kind of exchange.


I know, I get annoyed with the “You do know you haven’t completed my mission yet!” that replaces the mission debrief from that moment you accept the mission…


Some of the quotes do match with the general character of some of the agents (glancing at a nearby timepiece and tapping their foot impatiently, or waving a hand) “Don’t talk to me until you’re done”

But some others … less so.


You sound a bit “Belgian”

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Never been called that before, lol. What do you mean?

The person I was saying it to made a post in another thread where it was relevent, sorry,

I see the reply icon in the upper right, now. My bad.

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