I can't complete Data Site Scanning

In the last mission( An Introduction to Cosmic Anomalies) at the gateway, instead of collecting items from cargo, I just bought to move on through the gateway and now I do not have a Civilization Data analyzer

I believe a GM can help if you open a support ticket.

What is GM. I just started the game

GMs are Game Masters - customer support staff for EVE. Submit a support ticket here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=51462

Select ‘Game Play Support’ as the type, and ‘Stuck’ as the category.

The GMs can deliver the needed item to your inventory, or reset the prior mission, so you can complete the new player experience.

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Or just ask in local, you are in the Career Agent System. After these missions, you never need a civilan data analyzer any more.
Or just buy a set of Data Analyzer I and Relic Analyzer I, they do the job as well and you still can use them after the introduction.

Last time I did the NPE it required the Civilian version, which cannot be sold (tho someone may offer to trade one/contract one for a reasonable price).

OP, you can also do the business mission path to get one, I think?

But resetting the prior mission is probably best bc there are multiple items you needed in the box.

You can always start new character, get those items and contract it to this one. Also if you complete all tutorials on both u can contract all the free stuff and isk to the first character. Thats 10 mil isk and stuff more for your eve start.

Hmm, I might be utterly wrong but I think I did the exploration career agent with my most recent Toon in an already standard fitted Probe …

Very possible it changed since I did them last; it has been a while!

On the other hand they’ve changed names just weeks ago… I’m gonna test, that’s better than guessing.

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