Id and Egonics - Jump Gate Gone

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I am trying to do the mission “Id and Egonics” but all of a sudden, then jump gate is gone. What do I do? There’s no way for me to get to the second location. If I quit the mission, will it reset so I can pick it up again from step one?

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Hmm, the only time I saw the acceleration gates disappear was when the mission was finished and I tried to loot the remnants. But didn’t find out yet when exactly this is to happen.
EvE Survival abot this mission.
I presume you don’t have the 1093 slaves in hold to finish that mission…

If you quit the mission, you’ll lose some standing (not much), but then you can carry on with new missions.

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Thanks for the information. If I quit this storyline mission, will I be able to pick it up again or is it gone forever? And, no, I do not have any slaves in my hold…feelsbad.

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Wait until downtime tomorrow and it will respawn. You have a week to complete it (although you will lose the fast completion bonus.

It’s possible that you simply closed the on screen bookmark to the mission site - look for tiny icons at the top left of your screen - next to your portrait, and see if one of them opens it. There will also be a bookmark under the agent tab in your journal if the mission is still active.

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They don’t just disappear, except under some very specific circumstances.

  1. Check your overview settings.
    1a) zoom out your camera, double check if the thing is in space and you’re just not seeing it on overview.
  2. Check for sure that you did accept the mission.
  3. Warp out to a station or something then warp back to the mission fresh.

The problem is probably either it’s there and you aren’t seeing it, or you’re not actually on site. It’s also common for rookies to forget to accept the mission, so there would be no site to warp to at all.

A couple other notes. At downtime missions in progress do reset. However, if the mission’s completion trigger has been hit, then the site won’t respawn after it’s despawned at downtime. If you quit the mission, it’s a standings hit and you lose the mission. For storyline you won’t get a replacement until the next one comes up. You don’t want to fail it.

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I let the mission expire because the jump gate was gone. I lost standing. I have been running missions ever since but have never been offered another story line mission. I am so confused. So, now my problem is how to get another story line mission. It’s been over a month and still no Story Line. I am getting triggered.

I tried The Agency interface but it doesn’t have a menu choice for “Story Line”.

Is there some way to make the Story Line missions available again?

Any help would be much appreciated!

(Do Little) #7

You will automatically receive a storyline mission for every 16 missions you complete at the same level for the same faction.

For example, if you run 16 level 3 missions for Gallente, the closest Gallente storyline agent will offer you a level 3 storyline mission. The missions don’t need to be the same type - you can run a mix of security, mining, distribution and research missions and they don’t need to be the same NPC corporation. They do need to be the same faction and the same level.

(Keelath O'Scryers) #8

I’ve been running missions out of the same station for weeks. Way more than 16 missions, I am sure. Still, no storyline missions are offered. Is there someplace special I have to go, or something I need to do? They used to just appear in Agents tab.

(Do Little) #9

They will appear in the agents tab. Also in the missions tab of your journal. You can use the interactions tab in your character sheet to see the missions you’ve run in the past few weeks and the impact on your standing.

If you’re using the same agent - the missions will all be at the same level and you should automatically get a storyline after completing 16 regular missions. There is no other way to get a storyline mission.

(Keelath O'Scryers) #10

Do I have to run missions that are the same level as the one I dropped? I have been running Level 3 missions; same as the Id & Egonics mission. Or do I have to run Level 2 missions or Level 1?

If I am not getting storyline missions even though I seem to be doing everything right, should I open a support ticket?

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life running missions for no reason.

(mkint) #11

It’s a different counter per level per faction. So since there are 5 different levels of missions, there are 5 different counters per faction. You could, in theory, do up to 75 missions for the same faction, have all 5 levels just short 1 mission, do 1 mission of each level and get 5 storylines back to back. Offered storylines should be on the list with all your offered and in progress missions. Also, it’s easy to lose count, so on your character sheet you can check your standings with the agent you work for, right-click > show transactions, and it’ll be a list of every time you gained standings with them. It is possible, though unlikely, that something bugged server-side, in which case the only recourse is a support ticket.

(Do Little) #12

Before submitting a support ticket try clearing your cache - ESC menu -> reset settings -> clear all cache files. This will force a restart.

A lot of people actually skip the storylines - they pay no loyalty points and you lose standing with factions that don’t like the one you are running the mission for. To many Gallente storylines and the Caldari Navy will shoot you if you go to Jita!

(Keelath O'Scryers) #13

Thank you for all the help. I will try the suggestions and let you know what happens.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #14

If you are a relatively new player and a mission borkers out you can petition a gm for a reset. Also I think storyline missions pop-up that every 10 or 12 missions or so

(Keelath O'Scryers) #15

I made my way back to the station whereI first picked up the mission. The agents are there but the story line missions are not yet available to me. Thanks for all the help. Problem solved! :smiley:

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