Exploration mission 2 of 4 problems **pls help**

so i did this mission, it was going well after the last part where i should go to the gas site, i cant go through the accelaration gate because i dont have the code needed, the npc said the agent put the code on my item hangar, but theres nothing in my hangar from the first time i accept the mission, they only gave me the ship. what should i do? thanks.

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You shouldn’t need anything else for this and should be able to just take the gate.

Is the gate not activating for you for some reason?

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it says i need a code to activate it, and the npc said to activate the gate i had to use the code that have been given to me in my cargo, but theres nothing the npc give to me except the ship, i already check my item hangar in every station

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If I recall correctly, there should be a container near one of the earlier acceleration gates that contains a probe launcher and a set of probes. You need these items to move through the gate (you also need them to complete missions 3-5 of that Career Agent chain).

You might have got a bugged mission though. If that’s the case, there are two more sets of Career Agents for your faction and you could go start the Exploration chain with one of them.


Ah, yep, it’s in an earlier pocket- you’re right.

From UniWiki:

"Your agent gives you a Frigate (although, strangely enough, not an exploration Frigate); undock in it (or in any other ship, for that matter). The tour starts in a deadspace area, warp to the it (right-click in space or on the drop-down menu from the Info Panel). When you get there, another NPC agent will warp in and give you a guided tour (via text boxes - read them!):
Approach and activate the first acceleration gate, which will fling your ship into the first “deadspace pocket”.

Activate the acceleration gate there to get to the second pocket. There will be a container with exploration supplies and modules (a Probe Launcher with Core Scanner Probes, and Civilian Data and Relic Analysers). Loot them; note that you can’t fit modules onto your ship in space (you can only do that in a station or near certain special ships with a fitting service).

Activate the acceleration gate to get to the third pocket. This is an example of a Data Site; normally you would use a Data Analyzer module to hack the structures and thus attemt to find valuable loot, but for this mission you’re just sightseeing. Feel free to take a closer look at some of the structures in space (right-click on them and select “Look At”, or ALT-click), as they are quite pretty.

Activate the acceleration gate to get to the fourth pocket. This is an example of a Relic Site, which normally needs a Relic Analyzer module to hack the structures.

Activate the acceleration gate to get to the fifth pocket. This is an example of a gas site, which normally needs Gas Cloud Harvesting modules (similar to ore mining modules) to harvest gas, which can then be turned into boosters."

To the OP- warp out of the mission then back to the beginning and make sure to grab that crate as you go through that pocket again if you didn’t the first time.


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