Could not find the passkey in the item hanger of the station or the cargo space in the ship

Hi, I am confused now, I am in the mission of exploration career training, I have found the proof of data site and relic site, and I also have found the acceleration gate to the gas site too, however I didn’t found any passkey in the item hanger of the science & military school station, or my cargo space in my ship, and the status of this mission is still in 2/5. So could any one help me ?

Did you finish the other missions with the agent?
Mission one is just running aorund, two is gathering stuff. Three must be the data site, looks like you didn’t report it finished yet.

thank you very much, I finally got how to do it, I must collect the scanning devices from the second acceleration gate, and go back to the station and unfit everything from my ship and go back to the second acceleration gate, at this time the second acceleration gate will be available to use now, and then I need accelerate two additional times, then go back to the station to finish the 2/5 step of the acceleration mission.

Just want to say, the guidance of this mission is intentionally confusing the players, Fxxx…

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