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Still learning the ropes on this game, so it could be user error, but today, I’ve taken around 7 security missions. Out of the 7, I’ve had 2 that appeared to have been bugged, but I cannot confirm due to how new I am to the game. I had one earlier that said fly to the habitat for scientists, so I flew near it. Nothing triggered, so I took the scientists out of the cargo hold. Nothing triggered, okay? So what is this, a bug, or am I missing something?

Prior to this, I had a mission that told me to activate an acceleration gate. I get there, there are two gates. So I activate one and go through it, that sends me through another 2, and I end up back in the same spot. So I think to myself, okay, it must be the other gate. So I go ahead and travel through that gate, and then the next 2, and I end up back in the same spot, yet I’m still being prompted to go through more acceleration gates. There are no more… Is this a bug? Or what?

This game as we all know is quite complex so I am questioning myself and thinking this is potentially user error. Lol

If these are indeed bugs (which I think they are until I’m proven wrong) and not user error, this is very disappointing for a game that’s been out for this long to have so many bugs on one of their early game activities. I feel like for every 5 missions I accept, I have to quit 1 at least, which then loses me faction standing. It’s quite annoying.

Please educate me.

So you want to report a bug? :wink:

Lesson 1
If you need help, we need some more information: Which missions are you talking about? I remember an escalation with an acceleration gate setup you describe, but it would be helpful if you post the name of the “buggy” missions.

Lesson 2
If you know the mission’s name, just try Enter e.g. “eve making mountains of molehills” and enjoy the info. Also if you want to learn how to scan down MTUs or find out about the new event sites, there’s lots of footage online.

Lesson 3
This is easy to learn and hard to accept: It’s always your fault. Learn to live with “bugs”, find out about the mechanics or just try some other content in New Eden.

I think there are 20 year vets still learning this game.

Best thing to do is look for the tutorial on YouTube, personally I learned a great deal more from YouTube than I ever did here in the forums or in the game. For example; If I was having an issue with the mission titled “Like Drones to a Cloud” I would flip over to YouTube and type into the search; eve online Like Drones to a Cloud. Let’s see what I get… first video is a commercial and the second is my results.

I don’t know the title of your security mission but if you are not understanding it, then probably a fair bet there is a video about it. Post the title of the mission, I might be more helpful?

Fly safe o7

Players have gathered information / tips about missions that may help you when you get stuck here:


Thanks for the replies. I didn’t even think to google the missions. derp


Rarely do missions bug. Its usually something you have to read about carefully in the missions notes to realize that you didnt do something or didnt destroy a structure or something. This constantly happens to me when i deal with the drone missions, it tells me i had to destroy a drone bunker and i had no idea because my overview filtered out the drone bunkers due to my settings.

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