New Player Retention and Experiences with new players

Hey folks just a quick story about how my friends would not stick with eve except one guy! Which made me sad because I like the game a lot.

My friends are generally known to mmo’s and a diverse set of games but no one tried eve before. I set everything up to have them join me on the same day and all join Amarr with me. Everyone however had a buggy tutorial mission, you know they had the quest item but it didnt update and while I explained the bug that it sometimes doesnt update and how to fix it… a lot of folks already laughed it off and moved on, so it may be time to fix the goddamn mission bug pls as it’s not really an amazing first thing to encounter

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You reported this bug?

And don’t say you reported here, this is not the place.

Think their point is that nothing, absolutely nothing, should be broken in anyway within the opening tutorial Agency missions, or level 1s for matter. Thats any new players first taste of EVE, first impressions count. If the first thing thet run into are bugs, thats not good.
Most of these missions are years old, they shouldn’t have bugs in them any more.


But if people don’t report the bugs, there’s no way it will get fixed.

Be the change you wanna see. Or STFU.

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Agreed 200%

And the A1 Absolute Best way to fix that is to use Report Bug feature. Bug Reports go to a special data location that is more or less a route to development, these forums are reviewed by customer service who may or may not see your post for days.

Why is it broken in the first place? Does CCP think new players will automatically report bugs first time they logged into the game? :rofl:


With ■■■■ like this you really have to ask yourself if they still care


“A buggy tutorial mission”…

As someone with a severe form of altoholics, and therefore going through the tutorials a lot, AND being in rookie chat all the time helping newbies with their newbie problems… There IS NO buggy tutorial mission.

There is also no “doesn’t update” issue. The ONLY thing that comes to mind is having to repackage a mission item before handing it in, which is not a bug. It’s certainly inconvenient but understandable from the game’s pov.

The tutorials are terrible in a million ways, but not buggy. Per usual people who use “bug” and “glitch” generally mean “I don’t know what I’m doing”.

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I agree that most of the time the issue can be solved by asking the player to read his mission objective.
It’s just people have many things to learn so they can’t both learn the explanations of the agent and his goal at the same time. So they ignore both :stuck_out_tongue:

However, sometimes, there are bugs.
Also the need to mine specific ore is not obvious, in the career mission that asks you to mine it (“where can I find veldspar ?”)
Also sometimes the agent talks to you in local. If you have already visited Jita before, you closed/ignore the local and therefore won’t have access to his informations.

  • no bugs in the tutorials.
  • in that mission IT STATES that you can only use ore from the mission location.

On top of that, the whole “can’t use normal veldspar for this mission” is not an issue for true newbies. True newbies don’t understand the concept of asteroid belts with veldspar where you can warp to using the overview or rightclick in empty space. All they know if what the tutorial has shown them so far: get a mission, undock, click “Warp to mission area”. So ONLY people who go “ah veldspar, I’ll go mine an asteroid belt” have trouble with that mission but are, by definition, not newbies.

So again, “bug” and “glitch” are only used by people who point fingers at anything but themselves. Which is a character flaw.

Not saying I’m defending the tutorials. They’re horrible, we’ve been stating it for years and every time they update it it seems the people who do it don’t actually play or care for the game. But for the sake of actually wanting improvements: lets keep it factual and not call things bugs or glitches when they’re not.

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Yes, somewhere. Still :

The ■■■■ are those “true newbie” now…
According to you it’s the person who have no issue with the NPE.

I tell you in the help channels, people ask HOW can they get the veldspar (when it is required for their mission) in those exact term, and thus go to the the nearest hub or in a belt to mine it and then realize they had to mine in a specific location.
Whether those people meet your “true newby” criterion is completely irrelevant.

And again, bugs happen. Sometimes the mission get stuck for real.

Again, all newbies know is “get mission, undock, click warp to mission”, on top of that it’s STATED IN THE MISSION that you NEED to use the mission location. So anyone who’s truly new won’t have that problem because he’ll just do as he has been doing for a few missions now, it’s the only thing he knows. And anyone who runs into that problem anyway and then reads the mission info will do fine as well.

Thus the only people having trouble with this are people who pretend to be newbies but are not who, by trying to use the asteroid belt “shortcut”, run in to problems, or people who are too lazy to read. Call it a learning moment.

They’re not bugs or problems.

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And yet, they have.
Which means that your “truly” is BS.

No what it means is that there’s tons of “new” players who aren’t new at all, they just pretend to be for whatever reason. On top of that they’re too lazy/dumb to read the mission info & find the solution themselves.

Rookie is full if “new” players who aren’t new at all but use “newbie questions” (that aren’t newbie questions at all) to legitimize their newbie status while it’s very obvious that they aren’t.

Except you have no proof they are not new, so it’s more you who pretend to know things you don’t.

So yes, your “true” newbro is BS.
BTW not only on the help channel, but also on twitch I watched newbro doing the careers. Without interacting, just watching.

it’s a simple QED: anyone who warps to an asteroid belt because the mission told him to mine veldspar, is not new. Perhaps you’re just not as smart as you think you are.

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It’s just a lie.

New people CAN warp to a belt to mine veldspar when the mission ask them for veldspar.
You claiming there is none, is a lie.

You don’t understand HOW they can do this, while I previously explained, shows that you are just not smart at all.

I just did these, and I’d swear it says you have to mine from a specific location. But even if not, you undock and have an objective location–so you’d have to ignore that and go somewhere else. I know later missions specifically tell you if it doesn’t matter where the ore/item comes from.

Biggest issue I can recall is the missions saying an item needed to be in your cargo hold when you actually needed to put it in the item hangar to complete the mission.


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Indeed. You’ll notice I did not say it was not written. I know it is.

Yet some people ask in the help channel how can they acquire veldspar, only later to complain that this does not validate the mission.
It may be because they are tired of all the details from the agent and get used to directly read “mission objective”, ignoring the potentially important parts in the mission description. And later dying in an expensive frigate when the agent tells them they are gonna die.

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