New Player Retention and Experiences with new players

I’ve run all tutorials/careers twice in the last three months - and tried to have the rookie mindset. There are no bugs in them, but some minor reasons for confusion. The one OP describes is typical: when the convo with the agent is open, and you move a mission item from a location to another, the convo window does not automatically update to show the item has been acquired or is where it should be. Another one is the famous “How do I cram a ship into my cargo bay, it’s too big” because the mission description says so and indeed “where do I mine tritanium”.
Most questions in rookie help related to tutorials/careers seem to be connected to not paying attention to details in the text, even when they are highlighted in red. In other games tutorials are often reduced to a simple “this is how you shoot” and “this is how you move”, leaving initiates with the feeling that they will figure out the rest when needed. That approach by certain new players doesn’t work here. The devs have gone out of their way already to make things easier, the mission tool is about as easy to use as can be. It becomes a question of leading the horse to the water, but if some players are reluctant to read … right ?

And, what’s the percentage of rookies who do ask questions in Rookie Help ? No one knows - the channel counter only sums up people logging into the channel. But let’s also not pretend that having questions is a reason for not liking the game. Rookie questions are not a threat to the NPE, but expectations are. Eve is hard in many ways, it requires effort and patience for as long as you play it, reading is an effort and Eve requires a lot of it. Becoming a true Eve pilot feels like achieving a master’s degree in online gaming :grinning: and all the more reason to love it or hate it.

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■■■■■■■ typical…you set it all up for your friends and it bugs out…annoying or what.

the funny part is, they fixed that bug yesterday xD

■■■■■■■ typical…they fixed it after your friends trialed the game.

flavour of the month didn’t work fast enough so on they went to another flavour :nerd_face:

maybe they’ll rotate around to EVE again in a couple of months when the flavour they’re sucking on at the moment gets boring.

sooooo many games sooooo little time :eyes: