Terrible bug reports and zero help!

ive been having issues now for the last 2 weeks with bugs. I am done. in all my time nobody has responded to anything. reason i will not return as a new player is 100% because you have done nothing to assist me with problems cause entirely by your server bugs. game is amazing. support is inadaquete at best non-existant in my experience however. There is no point for me to invest more time or money into this as i cannot progress.


When you file bug report you can only see its status. Very rarely devs comment on them in bug tracker and only if they need more details. If you need help with something that you perceive as “bug” its better to file a support ticket explaining your situation.

Note: “I has bug - i demand compensation or else”-type tickets/reports would most likely be ignored because they dont provide any useful information to work with.

Come on, use your words. What sort of problem do you have?

Simply stating “game is bad, bug is evil, I am gone” does nothing. Maybe we can help? Why dont you try asking us.

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game freezes up or stops responding to my commands. while every other program on my pc works fine. if made so many bug reports with so many screen shots I kindoff feel its just to humor us and its not a real fuction at all. cant find any igc to speak to anyone. Anyway im just over the frustration. I rest easy knowing I tried my best to like your game. beyond that unless someones actually going to lift a finger to help me solve my problem. I cant keep replacing my ship everyday just cause the game bugs out. nor is it fair to have me start over everytime. my time invested is not equal to my gains nor can it be. today the game was bugged to the point where I couldn’t even loot my wreck. cuz I was unable to SEE anything other than empty space… but I was taking damage from invisible npcs. and warp out refused to respond. then I would disconnect entirely and then battle to reconnect while every other program and game I own operates flawless. and im tired if trying to find the lockness monster.

Does your ISP place you behind a DS-Lite gateway?

Activating “Automatically remember accounts after login” in the launcher may help to mitigate the resulting problems.

well after completely reinstalling the game and launcher everything. it seems to be fine now. only bad thing is its been 2 weeks to get 1 reply only to have solved it myself. and im still the one that has to live with the damages. dispointed very very disapointed.

but i kindoff want to commend you… based on your reply your the first person that actually applied his mind when replying to me. thank you

so if i understand correctly the problem was on your side, since it disappeared after reinstallation
so maybe you should not have called it a bug, nor cry and whine about support services?
i am not sure you will be happy in eve

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