Where do bug reports for the Launcher go? Can I view them?


I’ve raised a few issues via the Launcher reporting system, how can I track them? If at all?

I noticed here it says to use the “My Bug Reports” but all that says is:

" We’re unable to provide bug reporting and status tracking on this website because of changes to our bug tracking system. You can still let us know if you come across any bugs by using the bug reporting form in the client or through the customer support portal. Thanks for your understanding, and stay tuned for future updates."

which is rather useless.

Any help would be appreciated, or is it just a matter of submitting and hoping they are looked at?

You cannot. It’s been in the works and in this state for years by now.

Thanks I figured as much.

I’ll just wait and see if any of the issues I’ve been having get resolved in their own time I guess.

If you want a 2 way dialog over a particular issue your having, consider opening a normal ticket.