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The place for questions and help from your fellow eve players and devs alike.

Please use the following guidelines when posting in this forum:

You can check the issues thread for the latest deployment. These threads are posted and hosted in the EVE Information Portal.

No matter if it is known already or not, submit a Bug Report!

This gives us a lot of much needed information, make sure you read the article about bug reporting first!

  • Some good things to include in a bug report are:
  • Run LogLite (New Launcher Required) and attach the logs to your bug report
  • Check to see if any Dump files are being generated and attach them if they are!
  • System information ([ie. DxDiag.txt)
  • What are you doing when the problem occurs (details are VERY important!)
  • Does it happen all the time, or just sometimes (think of any patterns that you notice about when the problem happens)
  • How often does it happen (every 5 mins, once per week, etc) [/*]
  • When did your problem start (ie. After 1.1 patch, or after you installed new RAM, etc)
  • Does it only effect one character, one ship, one client installations, etc.

Give details!

  • The more information we have the faster it is for us to isolate the cause of your issue and get it fixed.
  • To retain the original intent of this as a specific forum for Known Issues, any off-topic posts will be removed.

Also do not forget the My Bug Reports page. (Requires Login!)

From this page you can do the following:

View all bug reports you’ve submitted
Edit or update any bug report you’ve submitted
Attach new files to any bug report you’ve submitted
See any comments on your bug reports

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