White launcher bug

Ok for the last year I have been having this issue with my eve online launcher, I tried every damn fix that has been suggested and nothing fixes it. Can anyone please tell me just what exactly is wrong with the launcher? Thanks.

Would you be willing to try switching to the beta version of the launcher, as we are currently testing a UI rewrite there. You can do that by going to…
E (top right of launcher) > Settings > Version type: Beta

If the issue persists there, please grab the launcher log for the beta session, and file a bug report (mention my name in it) with the logs attached. You can find information on where your logs are stored in this article:

I’ll try it out.

I tried the beta client and had the same issue. I then sent a bug report and haven’t heard anything back yet.

I get similar, but it is a grey screen, and started about a week ago.

Have been in contact with CCP.
Have been trying the various workarounds and fixes.

I had this happen to me today I reinstalled and updated graphic drivers no success. saw this thread and switched to the beta launcher and it seems fixed, yay

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