Launcher stalls - White Launcher bug (fixed!)

(Quarrel Quicksilver) #1

Doubleclick the EVE icon, launcher goes completely white, nothing happens after that.

(Quarrel Quicksilver) #2

Tried to uninstall and reinstall. No change. Launcher seemingly updates (visible in the taskbar), but never switches away from being completely white onscreen (no graphics, just plain white launcher with nothing on it).

(Quarrel Quicksilver) #3

Just found this thread:

Switching to Beta Launcher fixed the White Launcher bug for me.

(Ulanda Forman) #4

Ive tried the beta launcher as well and still the broken white screen. Ive been getting this issue intermittently over the last couple of weeks and sometimes changing the Compatibility settings to 8-bit seems to work but it isn’t today.

(system) #5

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