Issue with the launcher

Today earlier I was able to play the game normally
At around 2100 EVE time I diconected from the game
A while after I tried logging back in but the character selection screen wouldn’t load
A while after trying to log in again, the launcher stopped working. Now it appears as a white square and won’t let me sing in
The settings on the top right corner are still visible and I’m able to use them

rarely id get that issue, a restart from my pc fixed it, try submitting a ticketto CCP

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Alright, I did what you suggested and the launcher is back and working normally, however, the character selection screen simply won’t load

Now that part I honestly do not know, I can only recommend to submit a ticket and wait for a possible response since I believe it is more likely to find a solution through there, I only had that character select problem once, but I had a few things to do so I ignored it, later the day it worked fine to me.

hi i have had that launcher white screen problem in the past when no one else seemed too - iirc correctly i dl’d a newer launcher from ccp

gl as no one ever seems to know anything about it on the forums or support data base vOv

however, i didnt submit a ticket regarding it -but you should as the previous post suggests

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