Unable to accept epic arc mission from agent

Hi all,

I hope someone can help with an issue I have accepting an epic arc mission.

I’m doing “The Blood-Stained Stars” epic arc and currently up to “House of Records”, Chapter 3/7. I completed the previous mission quite a while ago ( I bounce around various MMOs ) so I thought I’d carry the arc on. I’m with the agent but he tells me to come back later. When I hover over the icon, it tells me that the mission is offered ( screenshot added ), yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to accept it. I’ve checked my journal and it’s definitely empty, and the previous mission has been completed.

Is there something I should do to get access to the mission? Can anyone help, please?


f12 > help center > submit support ticket > stuck

Probably just a snag possibly due to time away. They’ll sort it for you.

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@Xuxe_Xu thank you, I’ll do that now.

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