Can't finish Sisters Arc because of a bug (Our Man Dagan)

I can’t accept the mission remotely.
I can’t warp to the location where the agent is located.

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It’s a problem with your overview. You can warp to the agent, they’re just filtered out of your overview pane.

If you don’t feel like fiddling with the overview, you can look for a yellow diamond in space and hover over it and click it.

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Right-Click on the underlined “Adani Yusev’s Raven in Sosh.” line of text in the mission window, it’s actually a link. You should have an option “warp to” in the right-click menue if you are in the Sosh Solar System.


why is “the X commander” not showing as your present mission ? Did you forget to accept it from alitura ?

if you finished the mission, logged off or warped off without taking next mission in chain, it won’t be there

You are not at the location of the agent. Look at the overview, he is at the top beacon, just manually warp there from overview (28.3 AU)

Well I noticed there was some bugs with the missions in that arc.

Good for you, I guess. Having observational capabilities is important.
But there was failure to notice that the agent would not even provide description text about Dagan if the previous mission was not done. He would simply state that he has nothing to talk about with you at this point if the prerequisite mission was not complete.

On that note, before calling this a bug, the is the standard case of can’t accept mission because you are not on grid with the “agent in space”.
Same as you can’t pick up remotely missions from station agents without docking (in most cases, there are few exceptions).

So most probable problem:

  • person is in the same system as the “agent in space”
  • person is not on grid with the “agent in space” and can’t accept mission


  • warp to agent beacon, on the screenshot 18Au away, once you land, look for the “agent in space”, right click him and talk with him. If mission still can’t be accepted, it’s time to do pettion via F12 ingame menu.

This is toxic trolling.

There was none.
As I wrote, there was several bugs with the missions in the arc. I did not claim this was or was not one of them.

Just because you are used to trash talk in every of your post, does not mean that my post conveyed any judgemental message.

Actually I did that epic a few ago and many missions were acceptable in space, which I did.

While im not disagreeing that you are or arent having issues. Folks in USIA doing thousands of soe arcs have not made any vocal issues about the arc in any staff channels

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They are used to them.
Same for me, I know what needs to be done. So I did not even bother submitting a bug ticket for the like … 5 ? 10 ? missions that had bugs.

You don’t ask vets what is the newbro experience. You look at what an actual newbro does, and the issues he is facing.
And then you trash everything and make the AIR program.

It’s neither. It’s observation.

So you are hijacking the post for something unrelated? How is that helpful.

I am not, this is toxic assumption.

Which is what I wrote… but you conveniently cut off

It’s not. It’s a judgement that makes no sense in the discussion. So it has no use besides claiming that the whole point of my post was to show “observational capabilities” which it was not.

I am not. I am answering to you saying there is a bug, by acknowledging there are bugs.

No, this is not what you wrote. Another toxic trolling.
You wrote that not being able to remotely accept mission was not a bug in most cases. That’s wrong, since most missions that are proposed remotely can be accepted remotely. Otherwise the agent tells you to “come visit me”.

Did you even check stuff in game or you just making up things as you go?

Most missions in EVE can’t be accepted remotely. True, agent will tell you come visit me if he does not offer remote mission acceptance.

Agent will NOT tell you come visit me, if you talked with him in person, and he offered your mission already and then you left the location. If that is the case, then he will show you the mission, but you will be unable to accept it. If you try to accept you will literally get the popop message the OP posted.

It is possible for some missions to be completed remotely, then the agent might offer you new mission in the same window, but it might still not be acceptable remotely. In most cases in L4 epic arcs you can accept missions remotely, but not in all and not all the missions. I literally wrote a guide where I indicated which ones can be accepted remotely and which ones can’t be.

In any case, I can see you are forum warrior, I have other things to do than spend time in pointless loop conversations. Feel free to mark this green in your forum PVP killboard or whatever you use and write yourself a victory.

Back to you. Did you actually try to argue or decide to be a toxic troll ?

Most missions in Eve can’t be PROPOSED remotely.
The bug would be, that they are proposed remotely BUT can’t be accepted remotely.
In that case, that would be a bug. Your claim that most of the case it would not, is wrong.

This is indeed a bug that happened sometimes before : mission proposed remotely but can’t be accepted remotely.

And THIS would be a bug. On the opposite of what you wrote.
But I did not find this bug doing the epic ; instead many missions were proposed and acceptable in space.