Epic arc - Going gallente

So i have set destination to the agent Delphine Xarasier i went to Harerget V and try to talk with Delphine, she refused to give me any mission i was stuck.

Then once docked, I saw an agent avaible proposing me a mission, I had to make 8 jumps back to talk with the previous agent who gave me the mission to talk with Delphine :slightly_smiling_face:

I used The Agency interface only and i think you have to correct the steps to do by not showing Delphine but the previous agent who will propose you the mission to talk to Delphine, new players won’t find the solution and will be stuck on this.

Are new players likely to be doing the gallente - or any other than the designed-for-beginners Sisters of Eve - epic arc?

In the Sister Alitura Epic Arc, towards the end you have to decide which faction you want to hand out Dagan, I presume there OP went Gallente.
It is a common mistake to read and understand a mission, but to forget to click “accept”, and after you did all the travelling, this is pretty annoying. I recommend to use the mission Interface on the left hand side, it’s a not very old feature telling you where to travel to next.

No it is before the choice and I saw posts in different places with no answer about this problem.

You missed actually accepting the mission that sets her as your destination. This happens all the time; it’s especially common if you right-click on the objective to set destination from the mission brief. If you do this before accepting the mission, you may end up closing the window or undocking before telling the offering agent that sure, you’ll do their mission - and then have to come back and start over when you reach the end without having done that necessary step. At least some of the agents in the SoE arc will let you accept missions remotely; most other agents won’t allow that.

Ah, the mission is called “Going Gallente” https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Going_Gallente
Yep, pretty sure you didn’t click “accept”. No problem, just annoying.

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