Cannot warp to agent in space - Arment Caute


I am trying to start the Guristas Epic Ark missions from the Gallente agent but i believe i miss something.
My effective standing with Arment Caute is 5.4

My standings with:
Gallente: 2.59
Guristas: 1.30
Federal intelligence office: 5.40

When i search for Arment in the Agent finder and start a conversation it says: Sounds good. Please drop by, so we can formalize the mission contract.

While in space, I start the conversation with her again, i right click on her location and click on “Warp to location” but i get the message “You have to accept the mission before you can continue”.

What am i missing? What mission do i have to accept so i can warp to her and accept the first mission in the Guristas Ark?

Thank you for your help.

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I know it’s a silly question, but did you try to warp to the beacon named “Arment Caute’s Lachesis”?


Cannot see that. Where do i search for it? When i right click in space i cannot see it. Not even in Overview set to show all.

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Searching for beacons and stuff after you replied, i have found “Gallente counter intelligence center” in the overview and warped there. After landing i can see “Arment Caute’s Lachesis”. I could start the conversation like this.

I believe CCP changed this part of gameplay :slight_smile:

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In Orvolle, you can check both Eve Uni wiki and Dotlan

Could it be an overview problem?


Check my previous reply. You have to warp to the center first. Or at least this is what does the trick for me.


Didn’t see your reply, good to know you solve your problem :slight_smile:

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Someone else should confirm this if possible. :slight_smile:

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Hi !

I had the same problem and going to the center solved the conversation problem, I could then accept the mission. Thx Cuculet Wild.

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You should go to the Gallente Counter-intelligence Center* in this system.