Sisters of Eve Arc Bugged (Brus Caltrerne)

I’m angry!

I put in a lot of hours (the better part of a day) into doing the Sisters of Eve Arc (The Blood-Stained Stars) again. (It worked before.) But when I got to the third last mission of the whole Arc, I needed to pick which faction I want to have standing increase with. I picked Gallente. So Sister Alitura send me over to Brus Caltrerne. However, I was not allowed to warp to him. I got the message I should first pick up the mission before I could warp to him. But the fact was, I did pick up the mission from Sister Alitura. I thought my only option was to quit the mission and pick it up again. But instead this dropped all my whole effort of the whole arc.

Nice CCP, user-friendly stuff right there.
Fix it please? … and while you’re at it, I do not think it is unreasonable if you give me the standing points with Gallente I was not able to collect by this bug. (Contact me, to know exactly which character this occurred on, this is my forum-only character.)

Signing out.

Isn’t Brus Caltrerne an agent in space? I’m pretty sure he is and therefore he has a navigation beacon that appears on the overview and anyone can warp to it regardless of accepting the mission or not.

I remember it used to be if you quit an Epic Arc mission, that you would have to start the last chapter from the beginning but you could continue on from there. Has CCP changed it so that you can’t?

Like I stated, Eve did not allow me to warp to the NPC. And if there is a beacon you can always warp to, then it should be in the window when you talk to the NPC.

And no, the whole Arc locked and I have to wait 3 months. PLUS I got a standing decrease with Sister Alitura. (which is logical, but in this case since its bugged and this was the only probable solution, I quit the mission.)

Eve always allows you to warp to the beacon in space ? With or without the mission.

You have quit too early, it’s always better to ask for help before breaking the glass, you know? Now we can’t help much and if you were really stuck a GM could have just reset the mission for you… I can only say that I haven’t experienced such an error in countless runs of that Arc, there always was some fault on my side if something didn’t work.


Even though I could have warped to the beacon (If I would have know this, which is not obvious.) then I would still have to deal with the fact that the mission agent said that I first had to pick up the mission before I could warp to him. Meaning talking to him would be in vain.

And about breaking the glass. Well I did consider what you saying before I did it. However I figured would be a chance to take. I guess I took the wrong guess. I am sure a GM can still reset it to that mission.

This actually happened once before with me. That time I left is as it was, but this just needs to be dealt with.

Well, speak for yourself. I am sure I accepted the mission from Sister Alitura. And then the Brus Caltrerne said I should pick up the mission before talking to him. I flown up and fro like three times. I triple checked. No fault on my side there.

How do I contact a GM?

I did feedback my issue in the game, but nothing but silence.

You need to warp to the beacon and then talk to the agent.
He then proposes you to kill Dagan, which on accepting completes the alitura mission.
The alitura mission clearly says to “report to the agent”. You can’t until you warp to his beacon.

However I agree that sometimes the “warp to beacon” button is not available on this specific mission.

Just rushed the Arc with an Alt and indeed the “warp to mission” button is not appearing for this mission. You have to right-click in Space and can then chose “Mission: Warp to Mission Agent Brus Caltrerne)” and it will work.

No, opening a help ticket/contacting a GM was your first recourse, which you completely skipped.


No it is not ?

I did the same years ago when there was an issue.
Later I was told I could make a ticket, which I did, and then my mission was reset.
I think it was the Kuma Natata from the matar epic, I placed it in a mission can which was not the good one so I could not retrieve it.

No need to be like that. Besides, I used the term “probable solution”. Also no GM has responded so far.

have you opened a ticket?

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