Broken Epic Mission chain?

(Killeene Bishop) #1

I’m doing the sister’s of EVE arc, and am at the point where I need to talk to a Caldari agent before taking on Dagan. However, just before I met up with the agent I helped a buddy defeat Dagan by joining his fleet. Now I’m trying to resume my own chain, but the Caldari agent won’t talk to me even when I approach his ship!

I do have the Agent Mission active, but when I “Start Conversation” it is just the Sister of EVE talking, not the Caldari agent. When I approach the agent’s ship (even at 50m) nothing happens.

Is this forever broken? I 've already left the fleet, tried logging out/back in, but still stuck!

Appreciate any advice.

(Killeene Bishop) #2

Fixed it! Had to right click on the agent’s name in the Overview list, and select “start conversation” - phew!

(DeMichael Crimson) #3

Gratz on figuring out a solution for the problem and for completing the Epic Arc.

In the future if you decide to do Cosmos Agents, a few of them are somewhat broken and to access them will require assistance from CCP via support ticket.

(system) #4

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