Question about Hotaru Ahti agent in Caldari COSMOS

I’ve recently tasked myself with contributing to EVE University Wiki.

Description of missions for an agent Hotaru Ahti (Hotaru Ahti - EVE University Wiki) on Eve University wiki states that the last mission in chain requires hauling to Otanuomi. However, Otanuomi is in Pochven now, which is a problem.

Does anyone know if this agent now gives a normal hauling mission to another location in the empire space, or does the mission requires hauling to Pochven?

The thing is - this is a COSMOS mission and can be done only once per character. It also requires 6.0 standing to talk to the agent. My characters have either done the mission a long time ago, or don’t have enough standings to talk to the agent - that’s why I can’t test it on the test server myself.

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you can boost standings on sisi , i think the command is /booststandings .

may not matter iirc the agent won’t talk to you regardless of standings , without a referral from the previous agent in the chain .



Oh… I forgot about the commands. Thanks.

I’ll do the chain then.

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Been a long time since I completed all of the High / Low Sec Cosmos Agents.

If the chain of Caldari Cosmos Agents is indeed broken due to that Trig Pochven fiasco, then CCP definitely needs to fix it.

Might be a good idea to submit a ticket about it.

I went for it and it looks like CCP fixed the mission. I’ve managed to do it.

The objective location is now in Otsela. I have updated Eve University wiki.

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Ahhh, good to know CCP fixed it.

So the Agent mission briefing tells you the correct system to go to now.

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