SOE - Can't continue because agents not available to me

Does anyone know why this keeps happening to me?

I am going through the SOE Epic Arc,

Mission 5, then 10, and now 20 are not available to me, and the only thing the Agent says is
"Sorry, kid, nothing at the moment. Could you come back later? "

Yes I know to contact support and so far they have helped, but itsfustrating that it keeps happening. I am expecting it to happen for another 3 or 4 times while doing the Arc.

It is usually because somebody else is in space with you accepting the mission at the same time. If you try again a few seconds later, it usually goes through.

I’m not so sure. I have tried multiple times, came back a day later.

Support said it was because the previous agent didn’t accept the mission. The problem is, I don’t know who the previous agent was to check this!

Funny enough, so far it’s happened on the last mission in each Chapter. I do not believe this is a coincedance

The mission should be in your journal, along with the agent that is offering the mission. You can also find the current mission by opening up the missions tab, going to the epic arc, and looking at the last mission. At least, I think that will work.

Yep, support was correct.

I was stuck again, I remembered where my previous Agent was and when I spoke to her, I hadn’t accepted the mission.

The Agency dialog indicates me to go to Hek, but I need to speak with previous Agent first.

That’s what has been confusing me.


Well at least I know.

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