Not able to finish soe arc

A few weeks ago I finished the second to last SOE arc mission to capture Dagan and got the reward for it but I forgot to the last mission and have now lost the quest chain, talking to the SOE agent requires me to be referred by another agent to talk to her. does anyone know who has the next quest in the chain? I am a Caldari is that helps.

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Submit a ticket. They are very fast at answering noob missions and epic arcs.


Epic arc mission offers should not expire, I know I have that mission up right now.

I would check through the agency tool under epic arcs if indeed you are on the right agent and they aren’t responding correctly.

If that fails I definitely would put a ticket in for this.

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The SOE Epic Arc missions do not expire. Assuming you chose the Caldari Commander - it’s Adani Yusev in Sosh. You should be able to visit him and hand in the mission. If not, the GM’s will usually reset the mission for new players.

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Yeah, just remember that right after completing an agents active mission, request the next mission and then just close the agents dialog box. Don’t accept or decline the mission offer, just close the Agents dialog box. That will keep the mission listed in your journal so you can run it at a later time.

Most Epic Arc missions (SoE, Guristas, Serpentis, Gallente, etc…) will respawn overtime once you finish it the first time. The In-Game Utility “The Agency” should be of help in identifying where you need to go for the epic arc so long as you are close to the area of operation (i.e. less than 30 jumps)

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