Wtb shared SOE arcs

For the Caldari state, paying 150m. 75m upfront 75m after completion.

Never did the epic arc, by sharing you mean I have to go with you thru it, awe man, what kind of standing boost does one get?

Since the SOE arc is a great way to boost standing with the empires, and you can redo it every 90 days, I’ve done it a few times. The only part that would be hard for a player with low skills would be killing Dagan, at the end. I am fairly sure that most of the other objectives just require time and some focus.

Perhaps you should start the arc and then ask for help, if needed, with Dagan at the end of the arc.

You can’t share faction standings, only corporation…

That’s not true.

In general, you are right. But the SoE-Arc is the only one, where you can share faction standing. It is also the only one where you get a boost to one Faction without a hit for another (the opposite) faction.

That is maybe because the SoE-Arc is/was a newbie-thingy…
So, SoE-Arc is a special snowflake in many ways…

afaik none of the epic arcs have any derived standing changes, so you shouldn’t get any standing hits for the other ones. It’s how some people have high standings with every faction that has an epic arc. Of course if you do kill some faction NPCs in one of the missions you will get a hit for that.

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Mail me in-game if you still need this.

Still needing, will mail you once server is back.

I did the arc and got the isk promised \o/

For all those of you saying that you can’t share the epic arc standings, that was true until about a year ago. I did them all 20+ times, and since about year ago if you do indeed share the reward from last one, you get standings shared as well. Not sure if “feature” or bug, but now it works

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neither. GMs know this since … I don’t know, years (edit : at least before 2017) ? Yet they propose to correct it but it’s not an issue.
They just treat it as an undocumented feature. If it wrongs you, you can be repaid. Otherwise they don’t care.

Still needing shares! Please go and make your own threads and argue between each other inside them.

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