Wtb shared Penumbra epic arc

As in title.Paying 200 mil isk for shared (fleeted) completion. If interested mail me in game.

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I know this reply is a little late but don’t you have Corp members that could help you run the arc? Definitely shouldn’t take very long to complete the arc when in fleet.

However it’s great to see someone promoting team play for content that’s usually done solo. I hope you’re successful.

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I think it would be better to pay 100M for SOE caldari completion, it typically requires less time (ratio to standing gain).

Don’t forget to ask for people with social V , as gain = base*(1+05*social)

thanks for the suggestion, and good point it should be easier to find a soe share.

I guess the goal is to not bother with the time required to do the epic.
Since the epic has very low isk/h, better not do it but rather farm and use the farm to pay someone.

Well, Faction standing increase isn’t shared with fleet members. The OP is going to have to start the arc by talking to the starting agent, then accept and turn in each mission in the arc.

That’s the same with all Epic Arcs, doesn’t work like regular missions. The player can’t fleet up and then have somebody else run the arc for them and share the standing increase.

really ?

Why do you think people ask for specifically epic mission share ? for the isk reward, which is less than 100M ? for the item, which is not shared ? for the lore ?
Why do you think I complete the SOE every time it’s ready, ASAP, on every one alt ? because I love alitura ? because I missed the 50 jumps ?

Did you even try it before saying it does not work ?

Wow, your reply is very hostile and sarcastic.

Maybe it’s been recently changed and I missed the Dev Blog but in the past Faction Standing increase was never shared with Fleet members. For a short while there was a bug that allowed it to be done but supposedly CCP had fixed that.

Anyway, this is from the old Evelopedia Epic Arc page:

Please note: Faction standing increase may not be given if a mission is turned in as a fleet. Faction standing is not supposed to be shared and petitioning it will result in only the pilot receiving the Faction standing increase. Fleet members will only gain Corporation and Agent standing increase.

Maybe @CCP_Falcon or @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode could give us an answer. Is Faction standing increase shared with Fleet members?

I already told you before that you were wrong about this.
You just don’t give a ■■■■ when people tell you why you are wrong, you keep spreading false informations.

It’s not sarcasm, it’s pointing out the absurd of your opinion and the fact that it does not rely on any FACT, just on mere assumptions from you. Actually it’s for you to make the effort of realizing why either you are wrong , or you don’t understand the goal of this topic, in both case your opinion about standing sharing is out of the topic.

If you want to believe epic standing is not shared, please keep believing it but don’t bother people who know you are wrong.

don’t be too tough on him , it may have been confusion as some faction missions can’t share standings boost …
and everybody’s wrong once in a while . remember when you thought mobile depots could be alpha’d…?

Indeed you are wrong : there is a “if” in my sentence that you misread. I did NOT affirm the MTU can be alphaed. I affirmed his question made sense.

He was already told he was wrong.
Instead of making his own homework he prefers to keep affirming things he has no idea of.
Ducking lazy ass.

Maybe I’m missing something but why have someone run an epic arc for you when you could just go buy the standing from a data center or do a few cosmos missions?

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Thanks man but doesn’t matter. If Character Arsehole is doing it then that’s exploiting a bug.

Character Arsehole completes the lv 1 Epic Arc, gains Faction standing increase with specific Faction and instead of having to wait 3 months to gain more Faction standing with no derived effects, creates an alt character who starts the arc and completes it in fleet, giving Character Arsehole half of the Faction standing increase. Character Arsehole does that again with another alt, and again, and again, so on and so forth.

Since it’s the level 1 Epic Arc, no Faction standing is required to start it and within 3 months Character Arsehole has gained way more Faction standing a hell of a lot quicker than what was intended just by creating a bunch of alts.

Yeah, wonder what CCP has to say about it.

have any evidence that shows it does get shared? I remember when Epic Arcs first came out you could share the faction standings, but like DMC said that was supposedly removed in a patch.

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Last time I checked, it is. It’s been a few months since I checked though, so you could always try it out and see what happens.

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OK, thanks for the reply. I’ve submitted a Support Ticket so I can get an Official CCP reply about it.

Back in mid 2011 there was a thread posted about it and CCP Dropbear stated:

It shouldn’t be possible to share faction standings rewards from epic arcs. It’s not intended, and any GM reimbursement of that probably arose out of a misunderstanding.


Then in late 2011 another thread was posted in response to that thread and CCP Navigator stated this:

I have passed this on to Team BFF. I cannot say if this is by design or not but they have been made aware


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Guy on the other thread said only SOE is sharable… the plot thickens

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OK, got a clarification from GM Sirius.

He said as long as it’s not abused, Epic Arc Faction Standing increase can be shared with Fleet members. So if you have a second account with 3 characters and each one of them runs the arc in fleet with your main character on your first account and shares the Faction standing increase, that’s ok.

However if you start creating multiple alt accounts to Fleet with new characters and constantly run the arcs to gain Faction standing increase then that’s an exploit.

I’m waiting for your apologizes for calling people “bug exploiters” without any more knowledge than your lack of knowledge of the situation.

I also expect apologizes for

  • affirming false things about something you were too lazy to check by yourself :
    1. that epic faction is not shareable.
    2. that CCP is not aware of it.
    3. that people knowing it did not report it as a bug the first time we noticed it.
  • calling me pointing out your affirmation relies on assumptions, and not facts “sarcasm and hostility”
  • expecting that people who actually took the time to make research should share with your lazy ass all the information they put the effort in acquiring.


Guess you weren’t here when CCP considered it a bug and said it’s not an intended game mechanic. For a long time Faction Standing increase wouldn’t even be credited at all, players had to petition it and if in fleet only the main character got the increase. Sometime later CCP had supposedly fixed it, just like @Chainsaw_Plankton had confirmed. Obviously CCP couldn’t properly code it so now they allow it to happen as long as it isn’t exploited.

As for an apology, I’d say ‘Don’t hold your breath’ but you obviously know how to do that since your head is stuck so far up your arse you can’t even have a civil discussion without resorting to hostility, something you’ve repeatedly proven here and in lot’s of other threads.

Actually, this Discourse emoji is the best reply to your bile: