Wtb shared Penumbra epic arc

What you called hostility was just correction, and question about your opinion.

You’ve been a total asshole just because I pointed you were wrong.

AFAIK some ppl at CC said “I need to discuss about it” and then no answer from CCP.

Just because you were too lazy to get that answer by yourself, does not mean that other people did not get that answer.

Sorry I missed all the replies, until now. Anyways still looking for a share and I would ask DeMichael Crimson to stop shitting up my two threads and make your own.

@DeMichael_Crimson, as I posted in other thread, maybe it is a bug, but since a year ago I’ve noticed that this works. I use 2 characters per usual to run the arc and my settings were set to auto share rewards, and then I noticed the standings got shared on Gallente arc.

After that I turned off sharing since I wanted it per character anyways, but it got shared once or twice since then by mistake clicking to share rewards. I think it started around the patch that the Gala event for first time, I just assumed CCP changed it back then and didn’t give to much though into it.

@Yenife_Asire, when it comes to @DeMichael_Crimson he is only trying to help and protect everybody from being accused of possibly exploiting game mechanics, which can even lead to bans. The guy has done a lot for all players of EVE, there is no need for that kind of attitude towards him…


No, he was just ranting because there was something he thought was true and actually was false, which he repeated over the years while being said (by eg me) it was false.

There is a need to tell him to STFU because he became so arrogant that when people tell him they do something he did not think of, he is calling them liars. This means he participates in spreading false information on the game, which in turn brings more confusion to this game’s mechanism, which does definitely not need it.

Maybe next time someone tell him he is wrong, he will not brush it off like he did so many times.

I do not want or need his pants on head arrogant and idiotic ranting and “protection”, get out my threads with the sperg.

WTB Penumbra arcs shares. Post here if you have relevant things to say such as you have an arc to run and share. Thank you.

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