Shared mission standings

I’m looking to boost my faction standings. My friend volunteered to help run the SOE arc for me while I afk.

Once you complete the arc, does the faction standings split b/w both pilots? Or does the pilot who accepts/completes the mission only get the standings. How does this work? Returning player after 5 years so my memory is rusty.

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Only the final mission splits standings. Standings will only share up to 10 folks in a fleet.

Storylines do not share standings, and regular corporations do share standings

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Does it make any sense for me to do the final mission so I can keep all of the standings increase rather than split it with the friend? He’s not going to care and just helping out. Any idea of how much of a boost it is? I know it depends on alot on social skills but assuming they’re all maxed

Depends on social only. Its either max at 3 for alpha or 5 for omega.

If its your soe arc, then yea its up to you if you wanna share the standings with them for helping you.

Completing the missions gives money but no LP. The more lucrative reward is the faction standing boost you get from the final mission. +7% to the empire faction of your choice with no derived standing changes (+8.75% with Social V). This is especially useful to those who have ruined their standing to below -2.00.

So you can choose any of the 4 factions or complete it for soe

I would check under your settings and to be on the safe side, reset the standings split decision. 5 yrs ago you may have had it set as share standings. Unless you reinstalled then it should ask you to share.

Or before completing the final mission boot them from fleet so you won’t be asked

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