Sharing mission rewards - all players standings gains and losses

I know ISK is shared and FC’s standing gains are shared. I’ve looked around and I can’t find a clear answer through my own testing seemed to show only the FC’s standings gain or loss from missions is shared with other players.

I don’t see why only the FC would give standing gains. Why can’t all players in a fleet? Up to 10 ofc.

So ye suggestion is all players, not just the FC, share standings gains and losses upon handing in a mission.

If I’ve messed up and this already happens on some level I’m sure you’ll let me know xD

It’s been a while but you definitely can share standings gains from missions with the fleet. If I recall correctly, the game asks you when you turn in the mission if you want to keep all the standings for yourself or share it with the fleet.

I’m not sure if there is box you can check to make that decision permanent which maybe why you are not being asked that. Otherwise, maybe something has changed.

whut ? no box for “standing”.
You have one option, its in escape->reset settings-> mission sharing reward preferences.

Once you reset this option, whenever you complete a mission and are in a fleet, the game ask you if you want to share the rewards or not.

when you work for standard agent, IF you share the reward, then agent, corporation standing, and isk reward, that YOU should received, are split by the number of players and attributed to them.
The only skill used is the mission puller’s skills, so for standing gain/lp reward/etc, even if the fleet members have 0 skills they will get same value of isk/standing gain.

You did read the part where I said only the FC gains rewards afaik?

Just to make sure… I want the other 9 players besides the FC to share their mission reward standings.

I still have the pop-up box. It’s for mission rewards in general and it applies to ISK and standings for the FC but not the other 9 players in fleet.
Unless I am missing something like where do the other fleet members need to be? Same region? Same system? Same agent? Same corp? Same faction? Idk.

Sharing of standings is only for the agent and corp with standard missions. LP and mission rewards should also be shared for standard missions.

Faction standings for storyline missions only go to the character that picked up the mission.

Bounties are only shared between characters on grid.

it is wrong.

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