How do shared rewards work?

I’m trying to raise standings on an alt of mine, but for some reason the standing gains aren’t being shared. Loyalty points are always shared, but standings are hit and miss. Sometimes if I reset my shared reward settings it works for a while, but it always goes back to not working after a while.

It’s pretty infuriating, because it seems like the only way to consistently get standings gains is to send my alt out to actually grab the missions, and fly to the site. Is this a known bug, or is there something stupid I’m missing?

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Reset your settings and leave off the check to remember the setting (always confirms sharing rewards with fleet).
With the new notifications you should see the standings changes pop up on your fleetmate(s), unless you turn off the notifications.

Also, I don’t believe that storyline missions will share no matter what the settings are…


Yeah, only the character that accepts the Storyline mission will get the Faction standing increase.

Anyway, might be a good idea to clear all cache files in Esc menu - ‘Reset Settings’ tab. That will prompt a restart which usually clears out little annoying bugs.

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lol nope.
Happened to me three times in a row: storyline faction can be shared too. Sometimes.

Sharing preference, once set, is always going to work. You will know for sure if you inspect your wallet and see the isk rewards splitting between characters.

The reason you might think the Standings split isn’t working is because Standings gains (not losses!) do not update instantly. They will take either a session change to update (like logging out and back in), or automatically update at some point in time, usually at the same time you’d receive bounty “ticks”. However, this is purely the fault of your user interface. Server-side, the standings gains are always updated instantly.

I did three epic (soe and amarr) with my main and an alt, got the shared faction reward on my main twice just as my alt completed it.(actually completed it on my main and alt and got the amarr increase at the same time, just as I got the implant)

One more point… I believe standing gained is based on the character accepting the mission. What this means is that if your main has a 7.5 standing with say Caldari Provisions and the alt has 2.0, you will gain a larger standing increase by accepting the mission with your alt.

So the sooner your alt can accept missions, do so.

nope, when my alt shared, my main got a little bit less than half what he got when my main did not share.

Actually that was a bug which happened some time ago that allowed Faction standing increase to be shared with fleet members. I believe CCP has since corrected that issue.

Now even if you did get shared Faction standing increase, the actual game mechanic pertaining to Faction standing is coded so that the increase is only given to the character that accepts and completes the mission, regardless if in a fleet with others.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and ask CCP about it.

I already reported a bug to ccp and they confirmed it was one. They even asked if I wanted them to repair the bug, which I thought was not a big deal at that time since I just did the epic for the fun - so I declined.

I made the same step several times a month ago and was able to share my faction standing from my alt to my main, thus giving +1.5 to SoE and amarr epic (dual screen the two account).

I don’t have the trace anymore but I bumped my amarr standing from 1 to ~ 4 this way. maybe I should look at standing gain from storyline. (which I didnt)

I can confirm with 100% certainty that the Epic Arc faction standings sharing is still a thing. And although a bit quirky, I’d be saddened if it were ever fixed. Also, it DOES update instantly unlike regular mission shares for some reason.

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