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I would like to improve my corp and faction standings on my two characters simultaneously. I’m thinking of multi-boxing and running missions with the same agent. Would it be beneficial if I fleeted both of my characters, but accepted the missions separately? In other words, I’d make a fleet with toons A and B. A will accept and physically run mission 1 but would have B in his fleet, and toon B would accept and physically run mission 2 with A in her fleet. Does that make sense?

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regardless how missions are run… at the end of a mission when you turn it in, the standings are split, as long as it is two members in fleet, is 50% split. That counts towards the mission reward, mission bonus and LP as well, (as long as you have the option to share rewards on)

to improve your faction standing you would have to run the storyline missions, (which you cannot share the faction standing with another fleet member).

even easier alternative, is to hire someone to raise your standings for you. is the discord for that.

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Check out ‘The Plan’, it will help a lot.

I’m not sure but I think Faction Standing gains for completing the Epic Arcs can be shared with Fleet members. It was posted here in the forums that the level 1 SOE arc definitely shared the standing gains, can’t remember if the higher level arcs did the same.

they do. but its only the final mission of the arcs.

The final mission is the Faction Standing reward, all the other missions of the arcs give Agent and Corp standing.

Personally I think the OP will see faster gains if he does the Event Agents listed in ‘The Plan’.

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