Use of faction puller

Two alts who need faction standing and one puller: what’s best, fleeting them three or picking anly puller and one alt a time?

Faction standing is only granted by storyline missions and only to the character that picks up the mission. You can divide corporate and agent standing by fleeting up if that’s what you need.

Fastest way I’ve found to get industry characters with weak combat skills high faction standing is:

  1. Train social skills to at least level 4
  2. Run all 3 sets of career agents for the faction. 7.5% faction boost each.
  3. Run the SOE Epic Arc. 8% boost to faction of your choice.

This will get you to the point where you can run level 3 distribution missions. If you have a combat character that can run the encounter storylines it doesn’t take long to build standing - especially if you get the kidnappers strike mission chain.

There are other sources for faction standings, however like Storylines they cannot be fleet-shared to share the faction standings gains.

The only exception is Epic Arcs. If you have people in Fleet and have your preference set to share mission rewards, completing the last mission will split and share the Faction Standings gains across up to 10 fleet members, just like Corp standings. On that note, the SOE Epic Arc gives 10% base faction standings, or 12% with Social IV.

Indeed, i’m planning to do amarr epic arc to emphatyze my amarr standing, i’ve already 9.2 with emperor family, that is for my trade alt, but now i’m looking for a more general improvement over my 3 mission toons and i was looking for advice, in sight of an efficient way to level up multiple chars

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