Mission reward sharing

It would be really useful if you could choose to be able to share mission rewards/standings with only people in your squad. Sometimes you in a bigger fleet which may even have miners and you just want to share the rewards with a few people.

As far as i understood it, only those in fleet in the same system or even mission area gain the rewards.

It reaches beyond system. Did it a couple days ago. Don’t know the max range but what if miners are in the same system anyways?

Not a bad idea to have the option to share between fleet/wing/squad.

Which means, you understand nothing of it.

The problem with this is a small fleet (alts) can farm difficult missions and give all the credit to a single player.

Way to exploitable.


I’m assuming you’d have to be in the same wing/squad. So it shouldn’t be anymore exploitable than now.

If you really want to farm with alts you can easily do it now, just keep dropping fleet, nit asking for miracles just to make life easier, you know like radial menu, bookmarks sharing etc

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