I found a character. Please delete

Focused Nid pilot


A Stripped character with Gallente Federation standings of 7+


Nid + standings

Post here or mail me. Tia !

Did you know that you can just pay @Archer_en_Tilavine to raise your standings to whatever you want?

It’s almost as if @Xeux respects me. Almost. :sob:

But yes, @Virginia_McElhone I am the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] - we would be more than happy to raise your standings. It would be much cheaper than buying a new character with the desired standings. If you’re interested, join the USIA Discord server and we can discuss our services there.

(Thanks for the ping, Xeux!)

Pretty sure he is asking for faction standing. Something they can not help with.

Mechanics limitations prevent us from directly raising faction standing, but there are two things we can do to make it SUBSTANTIALLY easier for our clients to raise faction standings themselves (one of the ways is highly multitaskable, doesn’t involve combat, and requires only a 20m ship and low skills).

You can’t raise faction standing? Why not?

I appreciate the reply and have bookmarked your service. Should I need it in the future. But in this specific case I’m trying to find faction standings to avoid the grind .

Epic arcs are the only mechanism by which faction standings can be shared. This has been confirmed via support ticket - any other mechanism which might exist is unintentional. This means only eight factions can be boosted (two of the empire arcs can be used to boost Syndicate and Sansha instead of the respective empire on top of the two pirate arcs). Faction standings cannot be shared via storylines - this is ultimately why we cannot offer this service.

This means at best we would be able to only boost those eight factions (and not any other, notably Blood), but this is too impractical and we would have to charge an immense amount of ISK for it to be worthwhile for us, and it simply wouldn’t be worth the value to our customers given how little of a boost they would receive for what we would charge. Unofficially, our grinders are allowed to sell their arc boosts on a privately negotiated basis, and some of them do, but it is not an officially offered service.

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