Regular SOE Arc to increase Empire Standings, Fleet sharing works?

Wants to get Empire standing increase from fleet reward sharing.
Remembered before SOE Arc is the only mission can share faction standing at the end while in a fleet,
is it still correct currently?

I have 9 alphas chars, might as well put them into use.

What exactly is shared for SOE Arc fleet sharing, say that other fleet member is sitting in Jita.

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To be in a fleet the characters have to be signed in at the same time. Even if you have an omega you can’t have alpha(s) signed in at the same time as other alphas or even omegas and even if technically possible somehow it is an exploit and can lead to a ban of the accounts involved.


Standings are shared between up to 10 fleet members, though the larger number of fleet members, the less standings each gets.

2 fleet members, its split 50%.
With all 10 in fleet, each one will only get 10% of the standings allocated

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Thanks, that is very clear.

I still want to know whether Faction standing is shared in SOE Arc.

Then I need to know whether it is worth it to go temporary omega on all 3 accounts.
What is exactly shared in SOE Arc specifically.

Yes the epic arcs are the only way to share faction standings. And its only the final missions


Well it really depends on what you want to do exactly and how much you need the benefit.

You can pull SoE missions with your alts then complete it with your alt and your main to boost your main’s faction standings. Or you can use one to pull and share it among all of your alts that you make omega.

If your main or other character has low (especially if in negative) faction standings then I suggest first look up The Plan by @DeMichael_Crimson to see if there is an alternative and cheaper method than subbing additional omegas:

If your aim is to gain faction standings but already have them fairly high still there might be better options just yet so best to check if that is the case.

If you want to boost up the faction standing on your main for access to agents, for lower tax on trade and industry and such or if you want to give faction standings to all your alts but of course divided amongst them then for the same reasons you can do just have to make sure you use the proper approach and still worth considering other methods or if the end result is worth subbing for. Only you can decide.

You can read the details of the SoE here: The Blood-Stained Stars - EVE University Wiki

According to this:


Completing the missions gives money but no LP. The more lucrative reward is the faction standing boost you get from the final mission. +7% to the empire faction of your choice with no derived standing changes (+8.75% with Social V). This is especially useful to those who have ruined their standing to below -2.00.

It takes considerable amount of time to complete it and it can only be repeated 3 months after completing it, however I think you can biomass a character and make a new one and start the SoE again on that new character (the character will pull the mission) and complete it with your target character (assume your main) so if you only want to raise faction standings on one character you can sub one of your alpha accounts that has an open slot and make the most out of a one month sub on that second account by recycling your puller character.

This sounds kind of excessive but I’ve checked:

And there seem no rule against it so I assume this should be fine. Though do this at your own risk. If want to make sure drop a support ticket and ask the GMs before you sub the second account to see if this is really allowed to avoid getting into trouble later on.


All very good answers…

@Uriel_the_Flame thanks for the tag and linking ‘The Plan’… Which incidentally is still the fastest and easiest way to repair negative and or boost positive Faction standings.

@Syrven_Zaniver If you want your Alpha characters to quickly gain Faction standing, other than running the ‘Career’ Agents, there’s faster ways of gaining Faction standing without subbing them as Omega or being in a Fleet to run the level 1 SoE Epic Arc.

Course it will cost some ISK but it’s very quick and basically combat free… And that’s done just by running the Data Center ‘Tag’ Agents listed in ‘The Plan’. The Pirate Tags needed to complete those missions are available from Regional Markets. To save on ISK, use a 3rd party Market app and check prices of Tags in all Regions, then go get the best priced / lowest ones.

To help avoid PvP encounters, I suggest buying from the High Sec Markets. And since you’ll be traveling Trade routes, use a very fast ‘align to warp’ Frigate to help reduce the chance of getting ganked.

When dealing with the ‘Data Center’ or any other Cosmos Agents and to insure mission completion within the bonus time, don’t interact with them until you’re ready to run their missions. That means do some research first, check what the mission objectives are for completion, then go get the required items first before interacting with the agents.

Important - never decline, fail or let their mission offers expire since that could lock out access to other Cosmos Agents.

Along with the Data Center ‘Tag’ Agents, there’s also the ‘Cert’ Agents as well as the ‘Circle’ Agents. Those level 1 Cosmos ‘Encounter’ Agents are also easy to complete, most are chained / hooked to other Cosmos Agents. More info about those Agents can be found in ‘The Plan’.

Anyway, good luck and may you have much success…

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I know several that have omega accounts for this, and we roll multiple alpha accounts within usia utilizing the 1mil sp and we can complete the soe arc is under 2.5 hrs.


You really min/maxed that thing. :slight_smile: Well done!


@Uriel_the_Flame Thanks for the detailed reply, very informative.

@DeMichael_Crimson Will save the plan link, thanks!

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what ship are you using, and the fitting?

Gila, and i dont have the fit available at the moment

Isn’t it a bit slow on the warp speed side of things so wouldn’t it be more efficient to use a T3 destroyer instead or something? :thinking:

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Alphas cant use t3d

Yes but you also mentioned omegas and I’ve also mentioned other options not just T3D, so my query was in general, omega or alpha may differ in options but wouldn’t a different ship class be more suitable either case?

My reason for asking is the Gila really only excel at dps which isn’t really needed during the SoE and the few cases it is a benefit (killing off the drone swarm, Dagan and the other guy as I recall) it isn’t that much of a time saving in opposition with the countless warping and jumping around which to me seems even with less dps but better warp speed you’d complete the arc faster.

Edit: Btw what about the Sunesis? It warps fast, agile, omni-resists, has bonus to all weapons systems including drones and so on and basically requires no skills to be trained to fly so very alpha friendly and while costs more than T1 destroyers it still isn’t expensive and very cheap compared to a Gila.

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After some testing, the following ships are the optimal:

1. Using only 1 ship:

  • If Omega Acct. and having most Lv4 skills required for the piloted ship
    – T3 Destroyer is the absolute best, namely Jackdaw or Confessor ahead of others.
    – Sniping Jackdaw: Fire from 70km, warp in, shoot, leave, dont even need to move.
    – Sniping Confessor: Shoot from 40km, or 20km with prop mode
    – Confessor need more speed boost, but use less ammo, T1 ammo is enough for most.
    – Jackdaw vs Confessor: I Choose Confessor as the best i like.
    – Optimal Confessor setup: Warp rig & DPS fit, Armor Repair, Faction AB or MWD, 5min+ Cap

  • If Omega Acct. and having Max skills for the piloted ship
    – Sunesis is the best ship, as the damage is enough for SOE Arc.
    – Sunesis setup: Warp rig, 2 Drone damge lows, 2 Nanos lows, T2 Ammo, Buffer Shield, 5min+ Cap
    – 7k EHP needed, can reach sub-2sec align.

  • If Alpha Acct. or New Acct. Sunesis is still the best ship considering speed.
    – Setup: T2 Drones if have skills, T1 Drone if dont.
    – Note: Need 2 damage lows and 2 drone damage lows.
    – Caution: for Dogan, need to kill his wingmen and warp out, recover then warp back to kill him.

2. Using more than 1 Ship:

– Main Ship: 17AU Intercepter for Omega // Warp fit Dramiel for Alpha
– Hauler Ship: Any fast ship with 150+ Cargo space
– Last mission Ship: Any cruiser with 200+ DPS


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Yeah the Sunesis is a good investment for new players in hisec as it can do basic combat, haul, is fast and can be used for many purposes with a generic fit or even more with specialized fits and requires no skills to train to can fly (though drones and better performance requires skills ofc).

It has a considerable price but still worth it imo if one does not lose it (or at least not too often). Also if done well it can get you through a lowsec smartbomb camp as well though best only risk that if absolutely necessary.

Here’s my general purpose fit for reference:

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