WTB shared Epic Arc standings

Any arc, including SoE.
Contact me in-game to discuss terms and prices.
The standings can be shared, personally verified.

800 mill.

for ~0.4 standings? pass, thank you.
reasonable offers only please.

ROFL. How long do you think it takes to make one ?

Can only be repeated every 3 months.

800 mill for a whole 3 months, is not a lot. i make that amount in 8 hours of incursion running.

you could make a new character and run the SoE arc. takes 2 hours.
also if you don’t actually need the standings gain, its free isk.
as I said, I’m in no rush. can wait for reasonable ppl.

lol. If that was the case you’d do it yourself.

free isk ? the isk reward is crap, the ONLY reward worth it is the standing.

For you.
I would have loved it if someone offered me 50mil for half of my SoE standings when I was doing in the first week of playing.
If the offer is irrelevant to you, move along. Stop wasting both our time.

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if the offer was irrelevant I would not bother wasting my time talking with an idiot.

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