How can I tell the last time I ran the SoE epic arc?

I thought I created a reminder in my calendar, but I must be wrong.

Is there a way, somewhere in the UI, to determine the last time I ran the SoE epic arc? I’m close to the 3 month mark, but not sure if I’m past it yet. I’d hate to travel or spend a clone jump just to find out I can’t run it yet.


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Look at the standing changes. You should receive one with the empire you choose at the last mission.

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Unfortunately this doesn’t work. The history only seems to go back 25 entries, which for me only covers back through the last week. (I decline a lot of missions so there are many -0.003 entries…)

Any idea if it’s possible to go further back in the history window?

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You can look at the Game Logs then, the logs are located in Documents/EVE/logs/Gamelogs.

You should find the entries of shooting (some damage to) Dagan If you don’t delete them.


The easiest way is to find Sister Alitura in your standings screen it will show the date you last completed a mission for her.


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