SoE Epic arc - friend declined mission due to triglavians, now can't get it back - help?

My friend was nuked by Triglavians trying to do an SoE epic arc mission which he has since declined, the issue is he now can’t find a way to restart that mission… Is there anything he can do to get back to that point? or is it broken now for eternity?

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If he waits 3 months it will reset. It might be possible to file a support ticket and have the mission reset. Technically the GMs should refuse to do this - but they are really nice, so they might do it.


Guess we’ll have to wait and see, Thanks Xeux.

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Yes, ask a GM. It’s up to him. File a ticket “mission stuck”.
Please tell your friend to state the fact and not exaggerate, because while GMs are nice, it’s more likely they will help you if you are genuine rather than if you look hypocrite.