SoE arc bugged after Triglavians destroy ship & mission item in Chainelant


I’m a new player to Eve after getting omega on an account I had started 12 years ago.

At 0956 Eve Time on 09/05/2020 I was doing the Sisters of Eve epic mission arc which in Mission 17 requires you to go to Chainelant VIII - Moon 3 - Imperial Armaments Factory to pick up “Hidden Data Sheets” . This was a system that was under attack by the Triglavians but I managed to evade them and pick up the item.

When I undocked I was blown up by the Triglavians and the mission item was also destroyed.

So I chuckled to myself and in the station, boarded a corvette, waited a bit, tried to retrieve the mission item from the wreck. Didn’t find it and got blown up by the Triglavians again.

So I docked in the station and tried to get the mission item - no luck

Tried to abandon the mission and get it again - no luck.

So I asked in-game Help chat for suggestions and they suggested I file a ticket. Which I’ve done - support request #1219528

I flew 10 jumps away to Arnon to speak to Sister Alitura and she doesn’t allow me to restart the chain either.

Really disappointed - any other suggestions?

buy the item off market or contract . if you’ve failed the mission , you will have to wait for your petition to be answered .

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