About epic arcs

After I finished the SOE epic arc I tried to do the other faction ones as well, but the game told me I need to buy omega for that. but when I read the eve uni wiki it doesn’t say anything about buying omega. I am quite confused because I seen people doing the arcs as alpha, I just don’t know how. can anyone please tell me? thx a lot.

The empire epic arcs are rated as level 4 missions. As alpha accounts can’t run level 4 missions, you will need to upgrade to omega to run them.

Note: you can always fleet with an omega account that has pulled the missions.


okay got it, thx for replying!

You can do the pirate ones - they are lvl 3

do I get a free gila for doing the guristas one?

A blueprint only. Which is currently worth pretty much nothing considering it cost less to buy it directly built in Jita than to build it yourself from a blueprint.

wait, so how do they lower the price so much? is it because the huge demand of gila? but the raw material’s cost and production time still takes both time and money. so if someone can do it cheap, why cant I?

“huge demand” would drive the price up.


  • they have stockpiles from before the industry change,
  • they have access to all the production facilities and all the raw ressources and they have the relevant skills to build the stupid new components for much cheaper than you can buy in Jita
  • They farm Loyalty Points through the agents for the Guristas and buy the Gila for 240k LP + 15M ISK at the Guristas LP Store (works just like any other NPC corp)
    LP Store - Return on ISK - Guristas - The Forge Sell

You do what you want, I’m not stopping you.

wait this is insane 240,000 LP!!! and 15M!!! OMG :scream: a drake navy issue only costs 100,000 LP and some nexus chips

oh ya that is really annoying the industry change.

also where do I find guristas agents?

Like any other agent, with the Agency window. (and if you do the epic arc for them, well, you’ll be sent to their stations anyway. So have a chat with them.

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