L4 Epic arcs. Single ship?

Hey folks,

After a long hiatus I’ve decided to return and try the L4 epic arcs to get back into the swing.

Is there a single ship that can complete every L4 epic arc? Thinking Tengu or Loki. I can fly nearly all sub caps but would prefer to focus on missiles (due to clone implants).

I’ll probably resub 2 accounts and strip the SP from the rest, so dual boxing will probably happen :).



I used to do all the empire arcs with a speed-tank tengu. Worked great. Just kill stasis first or bad things can happen. Hauled tengu, a cloaky for the nulsec trips, a fast frigate for courier trips, and ammo in an orca.


Done all four epic arcs with a paladin, was slow as hell with gallente and mimatar but doable

But my best bet would be loki with multifits


Thanks guys

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Also consider golem.
Selectable damage, huge tank, mjd for position, massive range with cruise and decent application between exp velocity and tp bonuses.




Can Cruise MJD Raven Navy do it?


Its tank is too small for sig size. In epic arcs you still often take quite a bit of damage even beyond 100km though of course a lot less. You can do it in a double prop cruise focused Rattlesnake or Navy Scorpion, some bling recommended but you don’t need to go all out on it. If you don’t bling and stay with TII and maybe a couple faction modules, like damage and prop, you will have to warp out 1-2 times during some of the final fights. Also tank for omni. if you start doing the mission specific crap where you have to refit all the time it will slow you down massively, you wanna be able to go from one mission to the next, especially that during epic arcs a lot of them can be completed remotely.


I did all four epic arcs in a Gila. Except the final few missions of the Gallente ones where I had to switch to Rattlesnake :frowning: - the incoming DPS was really high in those missions.



For rattlesnake, is it still warp in, drop drones, orbit drones and attack?


Yea, I had to warp out on my Rattler too but I had less tank on it due to double prop. The 2nd time around I went in with a SNI and managed to do it without warping off. It fits for a lot higher tank then Rattler cause of the extra mids but has lower DPS, I had around 970 DPS with just missiles, around 1100 with drones. between MJD and MWD I managed to keep enough distance to take out my targets without having to warp out but it was close.



The rats will just kill your sentries pretty much right off the bat or force you to stay at them picking them up and dropping them all the time thus you taking extra damage and having to warp out quite possibly before you even pick up all sentries. if you split fit for drones / missiles you’ll have a ton less tank and utility and have to either bail or lose your ship.

If you go with a rattler go with cruise set up, drones become secondary, really secondary. Deploy heavies on battleships once you thin everything out enough to where you can get under 60km and your tank can keep up or mediums on small / mid rats that come within 50km of you. Initially you might as well start with missiles only. keep in mind a lot of these rats will hit you up to 160+ km, but not all. So you’ll take less damage but still quite a bit.


this s my scorpion navy, I already have that one, but i taught that Raven is better because of bonus to explosion radius

Scorpion Navy

6xArbalest Cruise lunchers (f.ammo)
drone ampf I

Pith-X type X large Shield booster
Dark Blood Heavy Capacitor Booster
Gist X-Type 100MN Afterburner (420m/s)
Adaprive II
Adaptive II
Pith B-Type EM Ward Field
Larg micro Jump Drive
Missile Guidance Computer II (presizion)

Sentient Signal Amplifier
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
ML-EKP ‘Polybolos’ Ballistic Control System

Rigor II
Rigor II
Cap Control Circuit I

5 faction medium drones
5 faction small drones

I can lock and fire with this one over 180km
I was thinking that raven has smaller sig then scorp, plus with scorp speed is 500ms

So, that should be fine I’m guessing? All shield skills and resistances are on 5, and everything that save cap too. Problem is only t1 launcher

any nodifications, maybe 1 adaptive for another computer, or painetr, but im always far for painetr i think, in l4 missions I’m allways 120 to 180 of npc’s, but I don’t know if that is possible in the Arc



Why would you deliberately cripple your game by making it as easy as possible?

Can’t you do any better?

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The T1 launchers will obviously hurt your DPS to the point where I think you won’t have a choice but do those final fights with warping out and back in. I’m not sure how much DPS you can pull off, but I would not recommend going in with at minimum 800+.

You don’t need a Computer + 2x TII Rigors, you can drop one and carry precision ammo with you instead. Precision ammo for all practical purposes works out roughly the same as having a rig or computer running with precision script, note the word roughly. So using multiple ammo types frees up a slot basically. You have to adjust a bit how you play but that is pretty easy to get the hang of. The reload time is 10 seconds so still perfectly doable mid combat. With level 5 support skills, precision ammo + any combination of rig + comp or rig + rig will let you take out even small targets at point blank range, albeit, the ones that get into orbit around you will take 1-2 extra volleys to kill.

Your fit is nice but also really expensive, if you are going to spend this much, might as well invest in a B-type Adaptive invuln, make it your default “always on” while the secondary can remain TII and turn it on only when you really need the extra tank. The TII invuln will reach resist cap on some of your resistances and bring you close to it with the remaining ones and provides a lot less resistances in general due to diminishing returns so no point in blinging it. You’ll get like 1% extra for 300 mil ISK which in MHO is not worth it. So one invuln blinged, one regular TII.

The Cap Booster. You may want to change to either a battery or recharger, works out better in PvE and you will have extra cargo space to carry more ammo or whatever else, less docking up saves a ton of time. With your setup you will not be able to carry enough ammo with you to avoid the extra docking cause of cap booster charges.

XLSB provides a lot of HP/s but will run your cap dry relatively quick as I’m sure you already know, might wanna scale back to a large and run a solidifier + a single standard blue pill if you need to. Standard blue pills are cheap and you can stack it with a Hardshell II or Hardshell III for even more rep and efficiency.

In your lows, 4x ballistic controls is too much, that last one provides very little benefit due to diminishing returns, go for 3 and stick in a faction or TII DCU. The DCU will give you a bit more tank, bit more cap, and a little bit more of total HP/s.

Don’t forget to carry nano paste and overheat your tank (mostly the invulns) or weapons when need to. This doesn’t come into play in regular L4s at all, but will in epic arcs.

For implants, use the 5% cap implants and missile ROF, rest is whatever.

If you want to test your fit in L4s, do Angel Extravaganza and do the bonus room in the end. It requires a tag in your cargo and I forgot which one so you’ll need to look it up and it will despawn if you warp out to get the tag and come back, so you have to have it with you prior to clearing the room before the bonus gate.

If you can do that room comfortably, without any problems or warping out, then on epic arcs you might have to warp out only once until you get the hang of it. Epic arc final fights are just a bit tougher but not by much.

All this is of course just rough guidelines, ultimately you will need to find a good fit for how you like to play. Try it all out in that bonus room and see how it goes or jump straight into the arcs but be prepared to warp out and resume at a much later date if need to. Epic arc missions do not expire, only thing you will miss is the time bonus reward from mission completion which is nothing.


I’m playing for a year and a few months, end from second month I’m living in a wh in a pvp corp. So don’t worry… :slight_smile: Right now I’m on a vacation in hs for the first time, and I like sniping because I never did it before, after this I’m going to try missions with Machariel and Barghest


Well ty, a lot of things I didn’t know. Actually I finished bonus room 2 times in past month, with similar fit, just instead of 2 adaptive II, I had large thukker battery and one pith-a mission type hardener (so 2 all together) and tech II cap rig and tech II ballistics, but it was very slow, my dps was only around 580 for missiles, and I needed two jumps to survive damage, even with bigger cap support it was enough just for few minutes if boost is on. Should I use Pith Large or Gist to save cap? What is going to be a bigger problem?

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580 DPS sounds extremely wrong and is not right. With TII Cruise Launchers and TII DPS missiles, 3 Caldari BCS you should be above 850 bare absolute minimum at 100+ KM in a SNI. If you are using rattlesnake make sure you use Kinetic or Thermal ammo only, not EMP or Explosive, cause Rattlesnake doesn’t get any bonus for those.

Make sure you have level 4 cruise specialization and warhead skills and at least the 5% ROF implant available at every generic LP store or on the market if you feel like paying full price. In fact, check implants altogether, get 5% cap volume, 5% cap regen, missile ROF and there was one more missile implant I squeezed in, I forgot which, maybe precision or velocity.

For your cap vs rep type is up to you, the big one will obviously run you dry but can you take out enough targets while its repping to break critical mass ? If not, might as well use the smaller one.

Target priority on that room matters greatly. Take out the towers, the ones doign most of the damage to you first. So, game mechanics.

Fit wise, try this out:

[Scorpion Navy Issue, *Simulated Scorpion Navy Issue Fitting]
Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System
Power Diagnostic System II
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

Pithum B-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
Thukker Large Cap Battery
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Large Micro Jump Drive
Federation Navy 500MN Microwarpdrive

Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Small Tractor Beam II

Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst II
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst II
Large Warhead Flare Catalyst II

Hobgoblin II x5
Hornet II x5
Salvage Drone I x5

Scourge Auto-Targeting Cruise Missile I x988
Inferno Precision Cruise Missile x826
Scourge Precision Cruise Missile x1242
Scourge Fury Cruise Missile x1268
Inferno Fury Cruise Missile x1224

I did a few epic arcs in this so it works well.

You can switch out the TII Power Diagnostic System for a damage control or Missile Enhancer once you get to know the ship and no longer have cap problems, but initially this will help you with cap and shields both. If you do go with a Missile Enhancer, you can free up one of your rig slots for a solidifier or more cap. Alternatively, use some of the cheap boosters until you get the hang of it.

The ship itself is a battleship classic, it moves slow and aligns slow. Learn how to use your MWD to “swing out”, just 1-2 cycles, 1 most of the time, to make you align much faster to where you wanna be aligned to then hit the MJD.

I do not recommend doing that room with TI weapons or ammo. Make sure you have TII Fury ammo.

For shield booster I went with the Large X-type, not the XL X-type, just L, the XL eats cap like crazy and is absolutely not good for long engagements. With this set up here I get around 10 minutes of both hardeners + shield booster which gives me plenty of time to do whatever I need to do. You will not get this if you use the XL size.

I have some auto missiles on it, their purpose is to thin out any rats in any room that is heavy in dampeners or ECM, and they work for that relatively well. Once they are thinned out they can be shot down using regular ammo. But they are no good vs larger size targets cause they do a lot less DPS.

The tractor beam you can change to whatever, I like having it on battleships.

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I complete all of the level 4 Epic Arcs in a Deadspace Faction fit Loki T3 Cruiser.


Just completed the Amarr arc with my Loki. I had to refit HAMs to compensate for the heavy tracking disruption, after my ACs got their falloff reduced to 2km … lol.

I got with both boosters running +2.0 (= 20% instead of 12.5%) standing for Amarr, is this the correct value? I was expecting more … this looks like only the 75% booster was applied.

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