Thoughts on Epic Arc fits?

Hi all

I plan to be doing some of the epic arcs pretty soon, solo, specifically the level 4 Gallente and Caldari and I have been reading up and doing some research on them. However, a lot of this stuff is outdated (especially fits).

So I would like to see what you all think are my fit options for soloing these particular epic arcs.

Fits do not need to be for whole arcs, I can switch out to different ships or switch out tank or weapons or ammo for different various parts wherever its better suited. If you post a fit for a specific part, please note which part its for.

On my PVE toon, I can currently fly Gallente up to Battleship 5 and Caldari up to Battleship 5, including Tengu and Proteus. But no Black Ops or Marauders. Vast Majority of applicable weapon and tank and support skills for those ships are at 5. Only exception being Sentry drones which is at 4 and turret support skills which are also at 4 (but Hybrid turrets themselves are at 5)

I’m currently thinking Scorpion Navy for some of the super tanky parts due to its hull bonus to shield resits, as well as Domi for some of the other stuff, and of course Gila / Rattlesnake. But I’m open to various info and suggestions as well as feedback from anyone that has done these recently.

Fit criteria I am looking for :

  1. Must be under 1 bil ISK total, including ammo and if fit depends on implants, the implants need to calculated into the cost.

  2. Fits need to be Gallente or Caldari or their respective pirate factions.

  3. Preferred but not necessary missles / drones over turrets, as my turret support skills (range, tracking, etc. 4s instead of 5s) are weaker then my missle and drone skills.

  4. Tank wise, omni that I could switch out for specific resits when need arises would be best, either shield or armor as appropriate will work.

I am also curious how far into these can you get using cruiser hulls. Currently I am testing things out and can pretty much clear all L4s including the extravaganza bonus pockets on Tengu, Proteus and Gila. How does the damage and tank compare to those of the ones in epic arcs ? How far have you guys gotten on cruisers ? Are there a lot of webs / painters that would make this problematic due to being unable to deal with them fast enough ?

Thanks for any info

You can run the Caldari and Gallente arcs in a Tengu. A Marauder is better since there are numerous opportunities to loot and salvage. You really don’t need Marauders V - you can easily get away with III or IV.

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