Fit/s needed for Epics x 2


I’m about to starting running Minnie and Gal Epics arcs on my alt.

I’ve never run these before therefore I have no idea how much firepower or HP I’m gonna need.

I’ve got some spare ISK which I can throw at a ship as I plan to sell it afterwards.

Can you please recomend some fits for me.

Please see below for key skills:

Amarr Battleship 5
Caldari Battleship 0
Gallente Battleship 3
Minmatar Battleship 5

Large Autocannon Spec 4
Large Energy Turret 5 (Can through a few skills into the specs if needed)
Nothing in Hybrids or Missiles.

Medium and Light Drones 5
Heavies 0 (but can put points in).

I’m good with shields but better with Armour.

Any ideas are welcome.


Thinking this might work. Is the tank enough?

That is not nearly enough tank, some of the harder missions will wreck that fit. There are also several missions in both arcs with frigs that will point you.

I’ve never flown a Mach but here a couple of quick theory crafted fits that should work.

Armor Mach

Lowish DPS and just adequate tank but easy on the capacitor.

Shield Mach

Much higher DPS and burst tank but requires careful cap management. Can face tank all the missions while cap lasts.

Both fits will require changing out the damage specific hardeners based the enemies you will be facing. You can greatly reduce the incoming damage on the Gallente Arc by kiting the Syndicate Veteran battleships which are fit with close range blasters but be aware they have MWD’s and can travel at 1km/s.

go to and speak with one of the grinders who do the Epics, they can give you some great fits.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras @Sarah_Olson

Thanks both.

The initial plan with the Mach was to jump in micro J out and then shoot from there but appreciate that between those points lots of scrams could happen.

My main has a very decent Golem fit but the pilot that needs the standings cannot fly it. Could/Should I perhaps take missions with the correct pilot, run them with my main, and then close them with the starting pilot?

I’ll jump on that channel and have a chat. Do they have an ingame channel too?

We do not utilize in game channels.
Some of us, do start missions with one pilot and run with a different one.

While the mach is a great ship, we prefer the typhoon fleet simply for the fact it’s better at blitzing regular missions. but you have to be really great at manual flying. I think a few of them use a Navy Raven for the Arcs.

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